Bullies can love too.Mature

A bully and the relationship between her and a girl who she originally had the intention to bully.


Fighting. It's all i've ever known. i've been fighting since the day my mum died. yeah my mum's dead. So what you gonna do about it? Now I'm stuck with my dad who couldn't give a shit what I do as long as I keep out of his way and make sure his beer's stocked up.

I got in this fight with this girl last night because she said I was ugly. Bitch. But i showed her who's ugly. Now she's got a split lip and a black eye, and i got away without a scratch. She'd have been worse if the cops hadn't turned up. i ain't goin' to jail for no one.

My mum used to call me pretty. I can be as well, when I bother. I just don't want to look all weak and pretty. I used to look like that when my mum died. And i was weak then. i cried so much.

if you tell anyone I'll kill you.

So I'm sat here on the fence outside my school, my gang around me, with my hood up to keep eyes off my face. My dad slapped me this morning, and there was still a red mark on the side of my face, but it was fading fast with the cold. The guys are swinging the gate back and forward everytime i nod to say that someone can come through, and when i don't...well, they just have to get in to school some other way don't they?

That's when i saw her. The new girl. A car pulled up and a girl got out. She was small, and she looked lost. To my gang this was a perfect oppertunity. They waited until the car she'd been in had pulled away and then a line formed in front of the gate. She stopped in front of us, and looked at each one of my gang. I was still on the gate, and my head was leaned forward so she couldn't see my face. Maximum effect is always a good start in these circumstances. So as the gang parted in to two groups on either side of the gate, I looked up, straight in to her eyes.

And those eyes. They hit me like a bullet. It was all I could do to stop myself falling backwards off the gate. i blanked my face as quickly as i could and just nodded. The gang's faces dropped as they realised I was letting new girl through. They opened the gate though, and as she past, her arm brushed accidentally against my leg. A tingling flame leapt up and I started, but waited until she had past to slip off the gate and walk down to school, the gang following me with questions they didn't dare ask printed all over their faces. 

The End

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