Story about a girl that goes through bullying and comes out the other side. The bullies learn a lesson.

I’d got home from school. I flopped on to my bed and started crying into my pillow. 

It had happened again.

I kept hoping maybe it might stop. Maybe they would grow tired. But no. They just kept coming for me. Day after day. The only break I got was either when I was in lesson or when it was a weekend. But as soon as I went out into the playground. Bam. It was another replay of yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that, and so on.

I told my parents only last week what was going on. My dad marched into the school and told them to stop. They didn’t listen. Then the headteacher was told. They still didn’t listen.

I felt hopeless and trapped. There was no way out. I knew tomorrow I would go into school and the same thing would happen. It would never stop. I wished I could just disappear. I thumped my pillow in anger.

I then sat up and thought about my situation. I was ten years old. I had no friends. I was being bullied by a whole gang of boys two years younger than me. I had to hide in the girls bathroom just to get away from them. How much worse could my situation get? 

I took a deep breath.

It hadn’t been too bad at first. It had been kind of like a game. It started off with about 3 boys chasing me. It didn’t seem like a big deal. But then, suddenly there was more than 3 boys. And the group just expanded so that eventually it was a whole pack of boys against one girl - me. Boys being boys, they got nasty. They carried on chasing me, but when they caught up with me they hit me from every side and I had to yank myself free from their grasp. That was when things started to spirall out of control and get serious. Because there was so many of them, they had me cornered wherever I went. I couldn’t escape them. They were always there. So.... here I am. Alone and helpless, in a big, scary world.

When I fell asleep later, all I could think about was those boys.

The next day, I went into school as normal. I was walking out into the playground to face the boys again when a man suddenly stepped out in front of me. He was in black. He had a black 

He took my hand and pulled me into an unoccupied classroom. We stood there for many minutes, just looking at each other.

Suddenly the door opened behind us. It was the boys.

“Found you” the leader of the pack said maliciously.

The man looked at the boys grimly. Then he clicked his fingers.

It was like magic.

A shimmering light appeared in the middle of the room. I felt this tugging sensation inside me, pulling me towards it. Everyone in the room moved towards the light as one. Then everything went dark.

When I woke I found myself lying on the floor with trees surrounding me. I was in a woods. I sat up, confused. The boys were all scrambling up, looking around warily. The man was watching them.

“Come with me” he said. “I want to show you something.”

We all followed him to a clearing in the woods. There were creatures there. They were beautiful but frightening at the same time. They were just like the magical creatures I’d read about in books. They were hitting one poor little creature, who was trying to protect itself. It was growing weak. As they watched, the creature stumbled until suddenly it stopped moving altogether. A tear escaped my eye. Everyone was silent.

Eventually the man spoke,  “Bullying.” He said. “ Such a terrible thing. People are affected so badly by it. Some end up with issues with confidence. Some develop eating disorders. Some even die.”

He turned to the boys. Every single boy looked so guilty and couldn’t meet my eyes.
“This stops now. Do you understand? Have you learnt your lesson?” the man asked them.

They nodded solemnly.

The man seemed to believe them. He clicked his fingers again.

Once again we went through the magic portal. When I opened my eyes again I found myself in my room. I was on my own. I was confused. Had I dreamt it all up? Was it real? It felt so real. Who was the man?

I left the house. When I arrived at school I expected the boys to come for me. I suddenly saw them walking towards me. They weren’t smiling. They looked.... sorry?

Eventually they reached me. Each and every one of them apologised to me and said it would never happen again. I accepted their apologies, wondering how long it would last.

The boys never troubled me again.

It took some time but after a while I started speaking to people again. I was happy with my life. I had friends. I didn’t go into school in fear anymore. I went in with enthusiam and excitement. I loved it.

But I never forgot about everything that had happened. I never forgot about the man who had helped me.

The End

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