In between Paranormal and Enter the supernatural Ben finds that for someone invincible idleness is not an option. Ben is recruited by the government to infiltrate a top secret Iranian project. They've been developing some kind of weapon. Every agent sent to investigate met a bloody end. They need someone, someone who doesn't bleed.

Home, it really was home now. Now that Dad was back in my life everything changed. I smiled and raided the fridge for a can of pop. Now, I could enjoy the luxuries of life. I flopped down on a recliner. It was hard to believe that it all happened just a week ago. The horror of it was all starting to fade as if it had been a bad dream. I thought of all my friends but one stood out: Eve. That changed the contented smile to a face splinting grin. The past week had been a hectic one. Dad had insisted on hearing the whole story from me and I gave it to him. He had then had a bunch of scientist sworn to secrecy scurry about and run tests on me. They said that a chain reaction that spread across my entire body was what caused my scales. They said that the scales were harder then titanium alloy. I could push them out of my skin at any moment. They had never seen anything like it. I looked at them now. They shined dully in the light, my talismans of invincibility. 

I was just about to log into my online chess account when a my father burst into the room. He was very agitated and was being flanked by two men in suits. Before I could help it my scales were out. I saw their eyes widen in surprise, but not shock. So much for swearing to secrecy. My father composed himself and said,

“Ben, these men want to have a word with you.”

One glance showed that my father really did not want them to but I just nodded and trusted him. The man on the left who was taller and obviously the leader of the two proceeded to make the following statement,

“Ben Winter, we represent the CIA. News of your special abilities has already reached our head quarters. We know of your extraordinary abilities. We could use your talents in a special mission. In Iran there is facility that is developing a weapon, Iran is highly hostile and would kill countless people if they had the capacity. I won’t lie to you. Every agent that we have sent has been killed.”

Dad interjected, “No! He will not go in there!”

The agent ignored him.

“Your country needs you. You have a special talent one that could save millions we can’t afford not to use it. Also, we know more about you then you realize. The CIA has had a special branch looking into the more, supernatural part of life. We know about your friends. We are willing to help you if you help us. If you help us all you have to do is give a call and a squad of the best commandos in the world will drop to your position no matter where you are. We need each other Ben and the world needs you.”

I listen very carefully. Even before he was done talking I knew the answer was already yes.



The End

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