After a night in their usual gay-bar hot spot. Best friends Jud and Jason drunkenly make their way home, where they have an encounter that will truly show the deep love that lies in friendship.

Jud kissed Evie on the cheek goodbye. It was common knowledge that in any gay club, Jud was a gentle lady. Even though Evie wasn't exactly Jud's type. Jud looked down the alley and saw Jason, apparently having far better luck than she had had, except he was with a boy, of course. Jud sighed and folded her arms, she shuddered with the cold. It was February 14th, Valentine's Day and it was, of course, absolutely freezing.

"Freezing in both senses of the word." Jud though ruefully, watching Evie's back as she walked into the night. A few moments later, Jason appeared staggering, wiping his mouth.

"Didn't spit then?" Jud asked.

"No. I was actually sick all over the pavement. He tasted like acid, it was awful!" Jason slurred, he grasped Jud's shoulders and stared in her eyes "How are you still sober?" He asked, scandalized that he was more drunk than she was.

"I see no point to getting drunk unless I just want sex. I want a partner, Jace"

"You find anything? I mean...anyone?" Jason smiled at his own mistake.

"There was this girl called Evie, she was nice. But I could sense how high-maintenance she was from a mile off"

"Oh, oh" Jason stated, before wheeling round and throwing up on the pavement.

Jud sighed "Come on Jace." She patted him on the shoulder. "Let's go back to my place and have a long depressing chat about love" she joked.

"Can it be drunken?" Jason inquired, hopefully.

"Well you have no choice in the matter really do you?" Jud laughed.

Jason shook his head clumsily "Nnnnnope!"

Jud took Jason's hand, sure it would give prospective girlfriends the wrong idea - if there were any, but Jason would probably have fallen fall flat on his face if she didn't.

After a while of walking through the empty dark streets of Chester, with no sound except the drunken ranting of Jud's best friend, they were approached by a man.

"Can I have some money?" He asked, a little forcefully.

Jud paused for a moment, and although she didn't fail to notice the dark look that read ‘violence' in his eyes it unfortunately did not stop her from saying

"No, sorry."

Jud tried to move around the man, still holding Jason's hand but he grabbed her arm and pushed them both back to where they were standing before to face him again.

"Alright, I'll have to give you a choice. Give me your money...or..." The man rifled in his pocket for a second, then took out a gun. Jason slightly sobered up with the shock of having a death-machine pointed at him.

"Look, we don't have any money, please just..." Jud began, a hint of desperation laced within her voice. Jason started to step in front of Jud protectively.

"DON'T MOVE" The man barked, aiming the gun at Jason then.

Jason instantly moved back and told Jud a little too loudly "Let's make a break for it."

The man turned furious then, the dark look of violence in his eyes became darker "Wrong answer." He uttered, like muttering a death sentence. He pointed the gun at Jason before he and Jud could start running away. Jason saw the barrel and shut his eyes tight, then there was a cry


And the shot rang out.

Jason was perturbed to discover that there was no pain, he was still standing there, except the silent night had now been accompanied by short, raspy breaths. He opened his eyes to see the violent man running into the night and Jud was standing in front of him, hunched over slightly from the impact of the bullet to her chest. People in nearby apartments and houses had started walking  out to see where the bang had come from.

"Jud?" Jason asked, worriedly. He put his hands on her shoulders "Jud?"

Jud couldn't stand up any longer, with the world spinning she collapsed. Jason caught her before she hit the ground.


Jud's eyes were already closing, they weren't focusing on Jason at all. People started gathering, and Jason started cradling Jud protectively from their curious and panicked eyes.

"Jud, why did you do that?" Jason asked, the tears filling his eyes. "Why did you step in front of me like that?"

Through shorter and shorter gasps Jud rasped "You mean the world to me, Jason."

"You mean the world to me too, Jud. You always will, you're my best..." Jason sobbed, he could barely finish the sentence "You're my best friend."

Jud gathered up all her remaining breath and all her remaining strength for a grin, the bullet had been fast, she couldn't fight it anymore. The grin slowly faded from her face, as the light faded from her eyes, leaving an ethereal grey space there instead.

"No..." Jason sobbed again. "Jud....don't...you've got to finish your degree. You've got to marry someone. We've got to live together in a big house, remember? You can't die...you can't..." Jason was weeping now, not one person in the group now surrounding him and his best friend dared try and move him away from her. Jason lifted Jud's head up and pressed his forehead to hers as the sirens of the distance started wailing. But they were far, far too late. An ultimate sacrifice had been made, a sacrifice that showed the deep and true love within the bonds of friendship.

The End

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