Built In Me

They say you should be yourself

And not follow the crowd.

They say only the brave

Can wear the crown.

But its hard to be brave

When its difficult to breathe.

It's not easy to be me

When everyone leaves.

What if I don't want to be different?

What if I want to be her?

What if I can't stand the staring?

What if I can't look in the mirror?

Sometimes my creativity 

Makes me feel so great.

Makes me feel strong and beautiful enough

To reach above the hate.

Then sometimes I hate myself for it.

I feel repulsive and weak.

Why can't their eyes pass by me,

When they see me on the street?

The body modifications

I wear to make this vessel me,

I love them as I hate them,

As they love and hate me.

I want to be a wall flower

To hide and fade away.

I can't stand the stares and whispers

That I face every day.

One in every hundred

Will appreciate my soul

Those ninety nine judge harshly

My pain and tears they're goal.

But I can't wear what they wear.

I can't remove the ink.

I can't lose what I have built in me,

Because what would people think?

The End

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