Build Their Body Muscular With Massive Muscles

going to stay in Bridgeable income half we owe bring your palms by years fingertips point toward your shoulders elbows

point straight up to the sky so they drawl in towards one another or not coming into will yet we're stayininto this bridge hose now we've just adding have we’ll press into the palm like your present the palms like you're gonnapress all the way up but don't just feel that energy pressing down 3 keep that chain in the chest lock stay with it now maybe you stay here or maybe you’re ready for four-wheel in if you are pressed down to your heels and have found your palms and let all the way up in tearful we'll3 feel your heart drawing back to your knees passing Fordland lift up Albany breed feel that unity running through your body energy that you're creating can you stay here for another 5 relax your shoulders relax a kind of your head or lift up another x3 stay with it to one gently really all the way down soon abadaka nasal souls your feet touch knees open wide take a moment here close your eyes endbrain feel what you just created for yourself energy vibration sensation this is appealing you've created right now that you can carry with you of your Mac into your day now Giuliani’s together pulled. 

The End

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