Dr. Vellamy's Secret Desire

It had been six weeks since we had first entered the space station and took off our helmets to breathe the generated air.

Five weeks since the Russians came to bring us communication with Earth after the Nuclear explosion sent radioactive dust around the tiny sphere we desperately were trying to save.

Three weeks since they were able to leave and we were once again alone, 16 scientists working on separate solutions for the planetary crisis we ourselves, as humans, had created.

And in as many weeks, working in relative proximity to one another, married or not, some relationships begin to bloom.

Dr. Vellamy was single. She had spent her entire adult life working to further her career. She had dated very little.

Dr. Branwick was not. He had a wife and a baby girl. That didn't mean that Dr. Vellamy didn't find him extremely adorable! He had a dimple. If that weren't enough, his dashing blue eyes, winning smile, baby face, and oozing self-confidence were enough to have her swooning every time he passed her table in the commons.

Already it was rumored that Dr. Amy Trout and Professor Gilbert had been visiting each other's pod at "night".

Dr. Vellamy spent her "nights" dreaming about Dr. Branwick. She had a few fantasies that she played in her mind every night about their meeting, declaring their secret love for one another and then enjoying a moment of sweet passion.

But they were just fantasies. Dr. Vellamy would never allow herself to approach a married man. So her lust remained closeted in her pod.

The End

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