Buds of Hope in Space

Dr Vellamy watched the latest radiation news on her computer in the greenhouse aboard the Space Station.

After the "accidental" nuclear detonation on the U.S./Mexico border that sent radioactive contaminants over the western states and floating as far away as Japan and China, the world had sent a You Tube message to the Space Station. People had massed together to say that she and her fellow scientists were their hope.

Hope. She closed the window on her screen. That was a huge responsibility. Save the human race, and the Earth, from space.

In all her studying, she never would have guessed she'd have been selected for this mission. She was honored of course, I mean who wouldn't want to study in space? But botanists weren't as highly regarded in the science community as say, microbiologists working on DNA .

But her little sprouts were enjoying their blue florescent lights and triumphantly proclaimed that life can go on in a simulated world. Their leaves reached up toward the ceiling, and buds ready to bloom.


The End

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