What is Budget?

In this piece of writing, I will be writing about what does budget means to me, and how is it useful in my daily life. I will also add in point of view from different people and compare it into my definition of budget.

For me, budget is a thing that organises my money. Everyone in the world will have his/her budget, like if they want to save up money for buying something that they want but not something that they need, they will need to save up money each month into the "budget" and get the item that he wants when his budget is enough to buy that item.

For myself, if I want to buy something that I really want, I will add money into my budget every month so that I will have money to buy those products on my wish list. And the be sure that I don't use money inside my budget, I will keep the budget that is stored inside the envelop to my mom, so that I won't take money inside and slow down the money saving time.

Since everyone has their own definition of "budget", the uses "budget" could be found in different ways, somebody will use a budget to buy things that they need or some might use budget for buying things that they want. For me, budget is just for buying things that I want, because the things that I need is all provided by my parents, so that the items that I wish to have will need my effort to save up money into my budget.

The End

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