Getting to Know Dave

“So, I heard you met the Unstoppables yesterday.” Lucas mentioned casually, leaning on the locker beside Quinn’s.

“The what?” The student asked, distracted by trying to get their them textbook from where it was wedged behind a thicker one for Maths.

“The Unstoppables, Stigma, whatever you want to call them. Apparently they went to go meet you at Lark Cafe with Dani.” He said, reaching over to help her wrangle her textbook.

“Are you jealous?” 

“No!” The boy looked offended at the very suggestion. 

“Mmm-hmm. That’s why your ears are turning red.” They said, amused.

Lucas deflated a little. “Maybe. A tiny bit. It’s just that you usually spend time with me.”

Quinn gave him a friendly pat on the head. “It’s okay. You’ll always be my first friend.”

“I’m not a dog!” The teenager whined. 

The other student just shook their head. “C’mon Fido, I don’t fancy being late for class.” 


When Quinn came into their English classroom, they noticed, for the first time, Jimmy sitting in the very back, feet on the desk and head turned to talk to Dave, who still had his sunglasses on despite being inside. 

And, because Lucas wasn’t in the same English class as they were, they decided to take a little risk, going to the back of the classroom and sliding into the chair next to the pair. 

“Hi.” They said, a little hesitantly. 

Jimmy gave her a spiky smile, but Dave turned to her. “Hey! What’s your favorite color?”

Quinn just looked confused. “What?”

“I hardly know anything about you. So I figured I should ask you a few questions, get to know some basic things about you. My favorite color’s red. What’s yours?” Dave seemed honestly curious.

“Uh, it’s blue. Well, more like a blue-green, but most of the time people are looking for one specific color.” They laughed a little, feeling nervous and out of their depth. 

“Cool. What’s your favourite book? Author?”

“My favorite book’s East of Eden. Favorite author is Ernest Hemingway.”

“Mine’s A Prayer for Owen Meany. And I guess…” Dave looked thoughtful for a moment. “John Green.” 

That startled a laugh out of Quinn. “Really?”

“Yeah.” The boy looked a little embarrassed. “I kind of liked Looking for Alaska. Okay, do you play any instruments?”

“Violin. I’ve played it ever since I could walk. My mom was a big fan of starting young.” The student smiled. 

“I can’t play anything musical for the life of me. Richard can sing for crowds, but Jimmy’s the only one of us that can really hold a tune for anything musical. Well, excepting Roxanne. But she’s superhuman or something. She can do everything.”

The model-looking blond sitting beside the talkative teen smiled wryly. “He tells the truth.” 

“Huh. Okay, my turn to ask a question. Favorite movie?” They said, cocking their head to the side. 

“Scott Pilgrim.” Dave grinned brightly. “You?”

They continued like that for the majority of English class, the substitute teacher more concerned with the game on her phone than the actual students. 

The End

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