Meeting Roxanne

It’s been two weeks before Quinn manages to find themselves at the little place that Lucas had shown them - Lark Café.

Dani’s still at the counter, and she smiles when she sees Quinn, wearing a loose t-shirt for once. 

“Hey,” she greets, “How are you?” 

“Good,” The teenager replies. “Can I have a vanilla latte, please?” 

“Sure thing,” Dani replies. “Here, have a muffin too. They’re carrot. You need to eat more, anyways. Geez, look at those arms! You know what, have two muffins. You could use it.” The woman says, not even letting Quinn get a word in edgewise.

The student looks bewildered. “But.. I didn’t even ask for food…” 

“Too bad,” The barista grins brightly, “You’re getting it anyways.” 

Five minutes later, Quinn’s been persuaded to “plonk your cute little butt down on that chair over there” and is surrounded with a large mug with the shape of a skeleton dinosaur on one side and “JURASSIC PARK” in red on the other, as well as two muffins and a Hershey’s Kiss sitting next to the mug. 

Shrugging, they decide to go with it and reach into their bag to pull out their laptop, sliding it onto the table and being careful to move the muffins to one side and the coffee to the other to avoid having them both crushed. Becoming absorbed in typing and the occasional bite of carrot-flavored baking, they barely register when, twenty minutes later, the cowbell over the entrance rings out as someone comes in. 

They do, however, notice when somebody slides into the seat across from them, hands already picking apart an apple danish. 

It’s a fierce-looking redhead. Her eyes are a stormy grey and she’s very, very beautiful.

All of a sudden, Quinn feels really insignificant.

“Hi,” they manage to squeak out, shoulders hunching in and elbows hitting their hips as they hurriedly try to pull their arms into their sides in an attempt to look smaller. 

The girl doesn’t reply immediately, instead favouring the danish and slowly eating it, her eyes scrutinizing Quinn’s appearance the entire time. The silence stretches on.

“Hello.” she says finally. “My name is Roxanne. In about two minutes, my acquaintance Erik is going to be here. I’ve taken a notice to you at school. I think that we can find a way to form a friendship that is beneficial to us both.” Her eyes are still cool.

The teenager across from her tries to form words. “Um. I don’t really care about benefits, I think it’d just be nice to know someone here.” 

A small twitch of Roxanne’s lips tells them that it was the right thing to say.  

Just then, the cowbell rings out again.

The End

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