Meet The Family (Sort Of)

Quinn felt strangely... mellow, almost.

It was nice. Lucas had walked them home, saying that it really was no trouble at all, and in return, he'd gotten a blinding smile.

Now they were drifting towards the kitchen, where their dad sat at the table, working.

It felt like Quinn hadn't seen him in forever.

And maybe that was true.

Quinn's dad was names Thomas. Thomas Alexander. He was a deputy at the sheriff's department. When he and his wife had split up, she moved back to her parent's ranch in Arizona. She had taken her three year old kid with her.

But Thomas had stayed. He wouldn't leave his beloved little town.

When Quinn was five, they had been sent away to boarding school. A place called St James Academy. It had been full of stuffy boys and girls, all of them wearing skirts or blazers. According to the school's code of conduct, Quinn had to wear a skirt. They had been born with the assigned gender of 'female', and the school didn't know how to deal with someone who was non binary.

And then their mom had died. Leaving them with no choice but to return to the place of their birth - the small town of Blackbird, Coulton. They were forced to go back to the country of Creole.

So here they were, stuck with a man that they barely knew but had to call 'father'.

The End

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