The Lark Cafe

The two of them stopped in front of a small little place -just a hole in the wall, really- tucked in between two other stores.

The little sign in the window announced that it was 'The Lark Cafe'.

Lucas strode right in, Quinn following heasitsntly behind.

"Hey, Dani!" The boy exclaimed, moving closer to the woman standing behind the counter, talking excitedly to her.

When Quinn approached, Lucas abruptly halted his conversation to fit in "Oh, this is Quinn, they prefer the pronoun 'they'." and then he was spouting off again, complaining about Mr Brown and the quality of the coffee at school. 

The woman held up a hand to stop him, chuckling. "Woah, there. Hold on a sec." Then she turned to Quinn, offering him a friendly smile and sticking out her hand. "I'm Dani. Quinn, right?"

They grasped the hand tentatively, shaking a few times before giving her twitch of their lips into an almost-smile, saying "Uh, yes. Quinn."

"Okay, so you like 'they' better? I can do that." She didn't look fazed at all by the request for her use of the unusual pronoun. "Anything else?" Dani asked, still looking eager to please.

Quinn gave her a small smile. "No, thank you."

Lucas butted in just then, and they chatted for a while before sitting down, munching on muffins and talking about inconsequential things while Dani danced weirdly behind the counter to songs that she played on her phone, setting the volume to maximum.

The End

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