A Little Chat Between My Brainchildren

As Lucas walked around the corner, fingers running idly along the beige paint heaped onto the walls, he stopped suddenly.

In front of him, Quinn's face was set in a grimace as they were roughly shoved into one of the lockers by anorther student, a sneer of "Freak" leaving the boy's lips as he passed the teenager.

Lucas didn't quite know what to do as the other teen walked on, leaving Quinn rubbing their shoulders and glaring after the more violent prone student.

"Hey, you okay?" Lucas approached cautiously. 

"Yeah, I'm fine." The teen looked up, suspicion on their face as they fixed their bowtie. "Are you going to give me a hard time too?"

"Uh. No." The boy stumbled over his answer, but Quinn seemed somewhat satisfied.

"Okay." They returned to shoving their books into their bag, heaving the strap over one shoulder after securely zipping it up, and walking out without another word.

"Hey!" Lucas called out.

They turned back, looking surprised. "Yeah?"

"Do you want to go and get a coffee? There's a really friendly cafe down the road from school." He seemed almost nervous, but his eyes shine with genuine interest at the thought of hanging out with Quinn.

"Oh. Alright, I guess." They seemed a little confused, as if they couldn't imagine why Lucas would want to hang out with them.

"Great! Let's go!” And with that, Lucas grabbed Quinn's hand and dragged them off out of the school and down the street, a stupefied student being towed along behind him.

The End

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