"Actually, my preferred pronoun is 'they', sir." The teenager sounded snappish, almost peeved.

Or: the one where HSD is out of her mind and writes odd things.

Lucas started out the school year by meeting someone that was unlike anybody he had ever met before.

He was in Social Studies, and the teacher - Mr. Brown, who was an unpleasant old man who was old-fashioned and strict- was calling names, checking attendance. Lucas called out a 'here!' when it was his turn, and was falling asleep at his desk when the teacher called another name.

"Quinn Alexander? Is she here?" Brown peered out at the rows of desks.

"Actually, my preferred pronoun is 'they', sir."  The teenager sounded snappish, almost peeved.

"Well, young lady, seeing as you are a single person and are also female, I will not be doing that. Frankly, I don't care what your 'preferred pronoun' is. I'm paid to teach students, not be their guidance counsellor." He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and sniffed. "Now, where were we... Ah. Elizabeth Amani?"

Lucas twisted in his seat and flicked his eyes to the person sitting in the very back, eyes glittering with a newfound interest.

The End

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