Bud NightMature

A friend visits his bud after his girlfriend dumps him. This how it went.


I stared at the door at the end of the hall, its fresh white paint laying flawlessly behind the gold handle. I didn't want to be a burden, so maybe this wasn't a good idea. Before I could turn to leave, he was standing there, a broad white smile across his face, his snowy skin blending with his cream sweater. He took a step forward, and his short, light brown hair fell over his emerald eyes.


I walked down the hall and past him without a word. He closed the door behind me. I plopped down on his couch, crossing my legs on the armrest. He took a seat on the coffee table across from me and cupped his hands. The table barely budged; a tribute to how skinny and light he was.


“So...what happened?” He cautiously asked into the silence.


I heaved a sigh. “She dumped me, man.”


“What did you do this time?”


I slid up a little on the couch, getting more comfortable, “Nothing.” I looked at him for his response. His face was blank for a second, then he rolled his eyes.


“You ALWAYS do something.”


I flipped my body to a sitting position to face him head on. “Fuck you, man. No, I don't.”


He pursed his lips and looked away. “Whatever, you want anything to drink?”


Before I could answer he was already walking toward the kitchen. “You're in no state to drink so I'm getting you a Coke.”


He came back with two clear glasses and handed one to me. I snatched it from him.


He returned to the coffee table and took a sip, his eyes set on me. “Start from the beginning.”


I set the glass down on the floor. “Dude, if you wanna hear this story you're gonna have to get me a beer.”


This wasn't the first time I'd showed up at Chris' place after I got into it with Jen. This was always the process with us: When my girl's a bitch, I hang with my bud. I don't need to talk to her if she's just gonna get on my nerves about how I don't hold her enough after sex or how she doesn't like me drinking beer. Sometimes I needed a break; a bud night with Bud Lite. Chris gives better hugs than Jen anyway. By tomorrow, she'll probably call me and we'll sweep it until she has another bitch-fit and we break up again.


“Your breath smells awful.” Chris says laughing.


“Well your feet smell like shit. Aren't you homos supposed to be clean?”


I took another swig of beer and handed him the bottle. It'd been a few hours since I got there, more than enough time to account for the piles of Oreos, Doritos crumbs, and beer bottles that assembled around our bare feet.


“Wanna watch Clerks?” I say awhile after laughing at his pissed-off look.


“What the hell happened to talking about Jen?”


“Doesn't matter what happened, man,” I sunk farther into the couch, “It's done.”


“You cool with that?” He says, setting the beer bottle down, “Man this shit stinks.”


“If you drank, you'll be used to it by now. Anyway, I think it's over for good this time.”


He raised the two-liter Pepsi bottle to his mouth, his eyes flashed in my direction, “What happened?”


I stayed silent. I was beginning to feel embarrassed. I may have really screwed up this time.


“So we were foolin' around a few weeks ago and the Trojan broke.” I began, “I hadn't even come yet so what of it?”

Chris nodded, his mouth full of pop. “Mm-hmm.”


“At first she freaks, but then the next week she gets her period. So I'm thinking it's no big deal. But now whenever I'm in the mood she won't even let me touch her. Said she's scared of it not being safe or somethin'.”


He belched loudly before he answered, “And then you yelled about it...”


I breathed a laugh, he knew me well. “And then I yelled about it.”


Chris chuckled, shaking his head. “You're such a prick, man.”


“That's what she said. She broke it off after that. Called me insensitive and all this other crap.”

He snickered. “You kinda were...you prick.”


I burst out laughing at that. “Fuck you, man,” I took a hand to the back of his head, smacking it sideways, still laughing.


He responded with a swift, sharp fist to my ribs. Pain shot through my torso and I keeled over cursing and giggling, Chris' hyena laughter ringing in my ears.


After the pain of the punch wore off, I settled back into the couch, thinking about my fight with Jen. I didn't want her to cut it off with me, but I didn't know how to stop her from doing it either. I was screwed. Damn it. I looked over and found Chris' face on me, calm and concerned, crumbs bunched at the corners of his mouth. He had the consolation and honest opinion I needed. I breathed in and let it go, my fingers trembling as I confessed.


“I love her, man. You think I can get her back?”

At once he hugged me, the loose stitches of his white sweater tickling my nose, followed by the smell of cologne. He patted me twice, gently rubbing my shoulder blade.


“I'm sure you two will work it out as always.”


His medium-pitched voice resonated in my ear, relaxing my nerves. I could feel my inhibition ebbing.


“You think so?”


He rose off my shoulder and gave me an all-knowing look, and I felt bad for asking.


I started to bury my face in his arm. He loosened his grip, stopping my progress. He looked at me intently with a joking voice. “Of course. You're my bro.”


It sounded so cheesy. I lowered my head with a snicker. I rose my eyes again to look at his. Bright green, warm and loving. I found myself lost in them.


“I'm what?”


He grabbed my shoulder and squeezed firmly. His voice turned serious. “You're my bro.”


The words made my chest thump. A few heavy seconds of silence passed. We stared at each other. I felt my hand slide off his shoulder and rise to cup his chin. “Am I?”


My face gravitated to his lips, pressing slowly and gently, as if he was a fragile newborn. His lips quivered and slowly began to respond. We kissed innocently until I pushed my tongue past his lips, finding his. The warm heat of his mouth filled my body, and I started to tingle. I grasped his shoulders tighter, and he let a moan flow down my throat.


His quivering lips moved along mine. His tongue stayed timidly in his mouth, poking mine every time it entered. I let a hand rub down his slender oblique to his waist, squeezing gently. When I squeezed he broke the kiss, and I felt his hands slip from my shoulders.


“Wait.” He said between breaths. “What about Jen?”


Who? I thought. My eyebrow furrowed in confusion for a half-second before I remembered. “Oh.”


He swallowed. I looked at his Adam's apple; hairless white skin glistened by a drop of sweat. I lunged at it, my voice barely above a whisper.


“I won't tell her.”


With that out of the way, my tongue caught the drop and sailed up his smooth neck, tasting of salt. His head moved back slowly, giving me more access. He moaned slightly before he spoke.


“Maybe...uh...we sh-sh-shouldn't--”


I rose my head, hungry for his lips. “I want you so bad.”


I took his mouth in mine before he had a chance to protest. He whimpered in my mouth, and my body exploded into motion. In one swift motion I removed my t-shirt, letting it fall amongst the crumbs. My fingers snaked up his sweater, pressing hard against the deep contours of his abs. I squeezed the muscles tightly as we kissed fervently, our tongues darting in and out of each other.


I felt myself push him over gently and raise his thighs to my waist. I pushed his sweater up to his shoulders, amazed at his taut body.


His eyes, wide in virginity, were locked on me. I reached to graze my thumb across his cheek, beaming at his shy grin. I moved my other hand from his thigh to the elastic band rising above his jeans. I clutched and slid my fingers inside. I looked back up to his face inquisitively. He rose a hand to my face, and nodded slowly.


“Go ahead.”




I ruffled up the sweaty covers, nuzzling our bodies closer. Chris' arm circled my shoulders. His breath, smelling of Pepsi and Doritos, blew softly on my forehead.


He shot up and reached over to the clock radio on the bed, pressed a few buttons and soon the tunes of John Mayer's “Your Body is a Wonderland” filled the room. I chuckled to myself. How appropriate. He slid back into my embrace, cradling my head in his arms, aligning my forehead to his lips. He kissed it gently and continued talking.


“There's so much to be experienced in this life. I just want to make the best of it, you know?”


Chris planned to move to Florida to be a photographer. He wanted to base himself in Miami, and hopefully meet his idol Jakob Vinia. He had the talent and the drive, so his future looked bright. All he had to do was go.


“I almost have enough money saved up. In a couple of months, I'll be gone.”


So soon? I thought. I looked up at him, his face pale against the blue light of the coming sunrise. “Two months? You serious, man? ”

He chuckled a little and responded with a smiling “Yeah, why not? I've been saving up and working for this for years, dude. I can't wait any longer. It's time to move on, you know?”


I wasn't aware of my expression of awe until his smile shrunk into a sympathetic grin.


“You better come visit me.”


I couldn't think of a reply. His soft, warm breaths seemed to befuddle me, and I desired nothing but to sleep against him. His hand petted my hair a little as he spoke again.


“Will ya, man?”


The words pounded in my temples and for a few seconds I couldn't understand what he meant. My mind had become numb. I breathed in a little and forced myself to speak. When I opened my mouth, I had no idea what I was about to say.


“I will...I will.”


My head drooped into his bare chest, his nipple poking at my nose. This conversation had left me exhausted and I wasn't in the mood to hear anymore. I closed my eyes and let the music along with Chris's slow caresses along my back relax me.


A loud horn in the distance woke me up. I half-expected to see the dark blue world in which I fell asleep but instead saw Chris's head of thin brown hair and nude torso, illuminated by the golden sunlight. I pressed my eyes along the curve of his body from his waist to his sleeping face, warm and angelic, innocent in repose. His eyes opened onto me, and my smile fell. He mirrored my expression; He knew what was coming. His eyes still on me, he gently pulled the sheets off our legs and let them fall out of sight. I leaned down and took his face in my hands, my emotions convalescing in our fervid kiss. I headlocked him as we continued, swerving my tongue in out of him, letting his moans urge me further on, his arms locked around my waist. Our mouths gave a loud smack when they separated, releasing the sound of our expired energy. We breathed heavily as we held each other: Our bodies atop one another, natural in their exalted nakedness.




I slowly zipped up my jacket. He stared at me from across the room, fully dressed and silent. I started towards the door and he stood to join me. He opened it slowly, letting the door's creak interrupt the room's gripped silence.


I stepped into the hallway in one step. I anchored my body into the direction of his face, faithful and morose.


“Say 'Hello' to Jen for me?”


I nod a little, “Yeah.”


He blinked two times slowly, backing behind the door to grip the knob. “See ya.”


“See ya.”


I listened to his slow retreating footsteps after he closed the door. When I couldn't hear any more I examined the door. My eyes found a small brown line that I hadn't noticed before slanting over the doorknob.

My cell phone began to vibrate. I took it out and immediately recognized the number across the screen. With one last look to the door I began walking down the hall to the elevator, flipping my phone open and answering. “Hey Jen.”

The End

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