BubbleGum GirlMature

Ed is in his second year of high school. And being a 13 year old boy, he's starting to take notice of girls. At the start of the year, he gets moved to a diffrent class. A class with a girl he's never seen before. They hate eachother instantly.. but willl something happen unexpectedly...?

Hi, I'm Ed Alton. I've just turned 13 on the second day of the new term. I'm in year 8, class 2-C(I was in 2-A but was moved due to a transfer student). I've known ever since Primary School I was good looking. So it was obvious I'd get a pretty girlfriend. Or... that was what I thought, then SHE showed up and messed up my dreams of a perfect high school life. My story is a long one with one-too-many love triangles and FAR to many punches. I just hope you'll listen and understand that no one is alone.

week inot the new winter term.

I had to take the stairs two at a time 'cause I was really late. This was gonna stain with my new form tutor, my first day in a new class and I'm TEN MINUTES LATE!!

As I sprinted up the towerblock, I heard some yelling coming from my new homeroom.


My heart sank, so my new tutor was gonna be mean and loud. JUST what I needed.

I pushed open the door, taking a deep breath.

'I know sir, but this was a new flavor and I reall--' She stopped and looked at me, the girl who was talking, not the teacher!!

'Ah, Ed! Your very late. 2-C, this is Ed Alton. Most of you will know him because he used to be in class 2-A.' The teacher huffed, 'your seat is next to Catherine. At the back.'

I nodded and dumped my bag next to my seat, sitting down. I looked at the girl who was called Catherine.

She glared at me, her cheeks a little red.

'Whats with that look?' I hissed quietly, the teacher was rambling on about some school fair.

'You . . . are sat on my book!!'She said through clenched teeth. She looked really mad.

'Sorry,' I  snapped, pulling out a book that said, 'Ichigo Love'* ,' What the hecks this? "Shoujo Beat Manga"?'

Some one at the left of me sniggered. I looked at him.

'She reads those books that are full of shit all the time, she's, like, 12 and reads picture books!'He snickered.

Catherine went bright red, a very unatractive red. I handed the book back to her.

She just gave me a cold look and grunted a thanks that I could hardly hear.

'Whats with you?Why don't you just tell the people who tease you to piss off?' I asked.

'Go laugh with the rest, dickweed! I don't need your sympathy.'She snarled.

'Humph. Well, I was just trying to be nice. But it seems your too stuborn to make friends.' I said nastily.

She bit her lip and blushed again, 'shut up! I've already got enough friends. I would dare have a mate who is even a little like you!'

Well, I can see we are gonna get along great.



*Its not a real manga(I don't think) I just made it up*

The End

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