To Float or Not to Float

Skyhammer leaned out over the edge of the cliff, watching bubbles float up from the river below.

As his observations had shown, some bubbles made it out of the gorge and others burst when they crashed into walls. There was a pattern however. Bubbles that formed in a certain part of the river were more likely to survive the gorge.

He took a deep breath and walked a few lengths north so that he was directly opposite the cascade of slime erupting from the cliff wall. An orange slime bubble rose up majestically right in front of him, twice his length in diameter.

Dropping the corners of the leaf blanket, he reached out and ran his hand over the bubble as it floated by. He was reminded of an egg shell, a rough one. Fragile.

He had no idea if his parachute would work or if he would fall to his death in the boiling slime below. He picked up the corners again.

"Life's too short to waste time thinking about these things," he said aloud. Birds chattered in the forest behind him. He looked around one last time then jumped off the cliff.

The End

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