Far to Fall

Skyhammer dragged the leaf blanket over to the edge of the cliff. Then he walked to the edge of the forest and back to the blanket. Walked to the forest, walked to the cliff. He was running out of time, he knew.

He went and stood next to the leaf blanket and looked at the edge. He stepped a little closer then turned and hurried away.

He put his hand up to his heart. Felt like it was going to burst from his chest. Come on, he urged himself. A relic hunter such as himself could do this daring deed. Throwing himself off a cliff. He knew what Higgins would say to this tomfoolery.

Well she wasn't here this time with her good sense and practical ideas! He'd have to do something stupid all by himself. As usual.

He could just leave. He didn't really care in the end whether or not the Goblins got the relic. Did he?

It was just that... it might be the one. And he couldn't let this chance slip through his fingers. Two Mandarins and a Carrot knew the relic he was looking for. He wouldn't send Skyhammer a message like he did unless he thought that it might that relic.

Skyhammer sighed, put his backpack on and picked up the four stem corners of the leaf blanket, two corners in each hand.

The End

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