Leaves and Weaves

Skyhammer pulled back from the edge of the cliff and sat back on his heels. Although the desert side was slightly higher than the jungle side, he could see a moving dust cloud that he was sure were Goblins. He had to reach the relic before them.

He lay down again and spent a precious few minutes assessing the situation. In a couple of hours, the sun would set so he'd have to move fast. The Goblins would be there in 3  hours.

He raced back into the jungle and lopped off a few enormous leaves from a brown prickly plant. Monkeys howled from the tree branches above him.

Arms piled high with leaves, he staggered out of the jungle to the open area between the forest and the cliff.

Taking the better part of an hour, he carefully wove the leaf fronds into a square, each side about his own height. At each corner he left a long hanging stem. 


The End

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