Crossing the River of Slime

The Goblin desert started on the other side of the gorge.

Skyhammer stood back from the edge of the cliff. The directions had mentioned a river of slime but he hadn't realized it would be at the bottom of a gorge. And that there would be no bridge.

He sighed. He had to have a quick peek over at least, he told himself. Just a quick peek. And he could lay down on the ground to do it; there was no one else here. A few birds and monkeys back in the forest and who cared what they thought? He crawled to the edge and peered over.

A heart-stopping distance below, an orange river of slime bubbled and spat. Steam drifted up, carrying bubbles that had formed from the cascade erupting from the cliff wall underneath the desert.

When the bubbles reached a certain height they hardened slightly, if they hadn't crashed into cliff walls and cracked, and then they floated off over the desert or the forest that Skyhammer had just exited.

The relic was in the desert just on the other side of the gorge.

The End

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