He Swallows a Big "Do Not Eat" Jar

He begins to swell up like a large balloon and he begins to rise up towards the roof of the mall. He breaks through the glass windows of the roof and starts to float away.  At 20,000 feet he starts to float down.  He lands the airport of his city then he grows back to his normal size.  The airport radar must have tracked him on his way down because he hears sirens and trucks when he lands.  He stands there for a minute not knowing where the sounds are coming from suddenly a helicopter shoots a net on him.  The net scratches against his scales and he can’t get out.  Then the military shows up and points their guns at him. He is taken to a military base and studied for clues from where he came.  He stays there all night and in the morning he decides to make a plan.         

The End

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