Something Else Happens

And finally, Ted and Bubba (now best friends) decide that they are hungry and decide to get something to eat, and go over to the closest restaurant and each buy a big hamburger. When they are full, they go back to the mall (after firstly getting a map) and shop until they drop (literally). Then they drag themselves home and decide to meet at the mall again tomorrow.

            In the morning, the two best friends meet at the mall again at 6 in the morning. They look around and both head separate directions, eager to go and explore. When they looked for each other, they couldn’t find each other. So they then headed back the way the came, and called out their names to find each other. Finally, they found each other, and both apologized for going their separate ways and vowed to never, ever go to the mall alone, and to always stick together.


The End

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