Bubba Meets a Dragon named Ted

Bubba and Ted decide they want to go shopping for shoes. When they finally realize both their feet are to big for any shoe size they decide to try something else. Next they went shopping for clothes, again everything is too small. “Well this is just great, we have tons of money and nothing to spend it on.” Said Ted.

“Lets go down to the food court.” Suggested Bubba.

When they arrived down stairs Bubba squealed, “Ohhh, Auntie Ann’s Pretzels.”

“I love Pretzels, agreed Ted. Bubba and Ted decided to get a few pretzels. Then when they were done with their first set of pretzels they went back up for more. Then more and more until they had spent all of their money.

“Well I guess we have to go home,” said Bubba.

“Yea, I guess,” agreed Ted.

Bubba and Ted had some troubles getting out of the mall. First they didn’t know which way the exit was. So they turned toward Macys, that was the wrong way to go. So they had to turn around and go back. They ended up at a dead end. They decided to ask for directions at Payless Shoes. The cashier told them to go toward MC Sports then right before walking into the store turn left, then turn right and the door would be their. Bubba and Ted thanked her and continued on their way. Soon they were out of the mall. Ted and Bubba became best friends but never went back to the mall again.

The End

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