It was all going pretty well. My window has been mended and Marc and I, well, let's just say that we are very close. And I'm glad about that. The only thing that bothered me was Sean. He was always so miserable. I just couldn't work him out. At first he had been the sweet and friendly one. But now he was so hostile towards me that I would recoil from the angry aura emitted by him.

He wasn't happy and when I finally got up the courage to ask Marc he wasn't happy with me our relationship took a turn for the worst, "I'm guessing you've noticed that Sean is gay right?"

I nodded, "Well, he had a big crush on this guy from school and the guy was straight and told everyone when Sean asked him out. Then I got into a fight with him and Sean became really dependant on me, you know, always needing me there and stuff. And I really didn't mind at first but recently, when we started going out he's been really off with me and yesterday..."

I frowned, "Go on, what were you going to say? Yesterday...?"

He took a deep breath, his eyebrows furrowing in frustration, "Yesterday he said that he didn't want me with you, that we're bad for each other and crap." I bit my tongue and waited. "And I can't choose you over my own brother, sorry Nature, but he probably is right. So... I think we should end it."

I cursed myself when my bottom lip trembled. Thanks a lot, find someone you trust, someone you; God help me; you love, and then have them just leave you because their insecure gay brother is jealous. I mean, believe you me there is nothing wrong with homosexuality but this was a step to far and Sean was using it as an excuse. You know, play the humiliated broken hearted one and ruin other peoples happiness, just great.

My life is so unfair.

The End

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