There was a loud knock at the door two days later. I opened it and nearly slammed it in their faces. Marc Sway and Sean Jacobs. Sean was the better looking one, even if he was a bit younger and smaller than me. He had big dark eyes and pale skin, his clothes - though I hate to stereotype - did look a bit gay. Although, I could have been wrong. He looked up at me and smiled apoligetically, reasured by this, I opened the door wider so they could come in.

Marc on the other hand, his nose maybe wasn't as crooked as I remembered. Now it just gave him a slightly roguish appearance. His eyes were a strange amber colour, kind of like the vampyres in Twighlight. These he fixed on me, as if he was staring me down. As he stared he ran his eyes up and down my body. I looked at him until he caught my eye and he glanced away embarrassed. He was maybe a couple of years older than me and it showed. He was tall and looked pretty strong, I looked everywhere but his well muscled arms which were shown off by a T-shirt  that looked a little small for him. He had worn it, no doubt, on purpose for that very reason.

I lead them single file along the narrow corridor that ran the length of the house. As I reached the end which was the door to the kitchen, I indicated to go into where Siri and Mab awaited. Sean manged to squeeze past me without any problem, but as Marc brushed past I turned to go in and we got wedged into the doorframe. I tried to pull away but couldn't get out.

He laughed, "Stop moving for a second." He put a hand on my shoulder and carefully twisted us both around so that we were facing eachother. Our eyes met for half a second and then I pulled away into the kitchen. I pulled a face at Siri and Mab who chuckled and pointed at two chairs, Sean was already seated.

Siri sighed and said, "O.K. boys, we spoke to the police and Mr Sway and we won't press charges so long as you come to the house daily and clean and garden and do chores in general. Sean we don't mind you working with Nature, but Marc. Due to your, umm... past exchanges, you shouldn't really work together. At least until you've proven you won't kill each other."

"You know I'm not the one being punished here, I'm just helping from the goodness of my heart. Anyway it was his fault that I got that fractured wrist, he deserved that broken nose."

Sean looked at me admiringly, "You're the one who broke his nose? Gosh, now I really wish that I hadn't helped to break your window. I really am sorry Nature."

"Don't worry I believe it wasn't your idea Sean." Marc blushed and glanced at the floor.

"I'm sorry too Nature. You just sprang to mind when I had the general idea. Because your house was so near and we have a bit of a past, you know, we still bear the scars." He pointed to his nose and my right arm. My arm still hangs a little askew but not too noticably. Not unless your looking for it.

"Well so long as you said sorry." I was only teasing really, but Marc and I are never going to get on properly. Anyway, he looks too rough and playful for my taste. We wouldn't balance out the Yin-Yang well. I've been described as outgoing and fun and fierce, Marc and I are too the same to work, of course, he's outgoing in a "Hey let's throw a brick or two through her window," way. I would never dream of doing that, never.

"If you are quite finish hurling insults and sarcasm back and forth," Mab was grinning at me. For reasons I am still oblivious, "You all really need to get on. So, Sean you can help me in the kitchen, Marc the attic needs cleaning out so you can help Siri and Nature sort it."

"I thought that you were keeping us seperate, are you reconsidering?" I glanced at Marc, was he flirting indirectly with me?

"Siri will be there, she'll keep you both in line."

"Oh fabulous, that's just fabulous." I rolled my eyes and shot a pleading look at Mab who turned away. She was always the stirrer of the two sisters.

The End

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