Brushing Away the Tears

Life for Nature Wisdom has never been any fun. Nothing ever happens to her, until there is an explosion during a big family reunion. The only family members left want nothing to do with her. She is bound for a care home until two family friends offer to adopt her. Their lives move on but when half brothers Marc Sway and Sean Jacobs are brought to work at the house as punishment of breaking a window, Nature's recently reordered life is once again thrown into turmoil.

Unshed Tears

If everyone you love died, would it be bad if you didn't shed one tear? Would that make you a bad person? I don't think that is so. It only means that you find it hard to cry. I suppose some people disagree. But they are the ones who do cry.

I never once cried. My family were mostly victims of a random bombing during our family reunion. I survived because I had faked being ill, because, though I hate to say it, I didn't get on with or belong with my family. The last thing I said to my family was "Just leave me alone!" I didn't even kiss them goodbye. I didn't even say goodbye. I felt terrible for so long.

But not forever. Siri and Mab Covey took me in. And despite being very old, they were very modern. I was ten years old when I came to live with them, it took me a long time and a lot of counsiling but I soon managed to move on. So, now at sixteen years old I'm finaly starting to regain a type of a social life. And it all started when two boys broke my bedroom window.


CRASH! I leapt out of bed with a scream. "Get out of this village you-" I ran to my window and the hurling insult trailed off. I saw two figures on bikes spin around and speed away. But not fast enough. As Siri and Mab ran in the boys turned around once more and I got a good look at their faces.

The smaller one was thin and pointed, his hair from what I could tell (It was dark outside) was dark red-brown, his eyes were slanted and his hands were long and slim. The other was taller, and had a shock of red hair and was of a slightly stronger build, I think he was the one who threw the brick that sat under my window ledge amidst shattered glass. 

"Are you alright Nature? Did they do anything, hurt you?" I shook my head at Mab whilst Siri rang the police. Two hours later and we got a phone call. Siri took it and Mab began cleaning up the mess in my room.

Siri got off the phone and ran her fingers through her greying black hair. She was so much older than Mab, whose long blonde hair fell past her shoulders and greys had just started to appear. They were so different, Mab was overly sensitive, she was the one who suggested my coming to live with them. But I think that Siri benifited most from my arrivel. Up until then she rarely even came downstairs, as soon as I came she really made an effort.

Mab told me it was because she couldn't have children of her own but she always wanted a daughter. She found one in me. For the first time in a long time I fit in. I had two mothers in this family. These boys had upset them both and I wasn't happy.

"They found them thanks to your description. It was those two half brothers. Same mother, different fathers. Their mother died along with one of the fathers recently. The other father, a Mr Sway, said that he would take in the son of Mr Jacobs. Wasn't that good of him considering Mr Jacobs had an affair with his wife? The boys get on well though, no jealousy betwixt them." Siri sighed slightly. She shook her head and said, "As punishment they are going to come and help clean and cook and garden and generaly help out."

It was the summer holidays. I had very little to do but cook and clean and garden. Although we had a pretty chestnut arab horse, Yasmina, I rode her at every chance which was whenever I needed a break. 

"Sway... Do you mean Marc Sways' father? And his brother was umm... Sean Jacobs? But Marc and I err." Hate eachother. It was his fault we got into trouble. I was sat on the swing in the park and he made me move. Well he tried to, he didn't expect me to hit back. We ended up brawling on the floor, him with a broken nose and me with a fractured wrist. His nose is still slightly crooked, a perminant reminder of me. Anyway, then Mab, Siri and Mr Sway came and pulled us apart. They took one look at us and we were grounded for three weeks, ever since everyone in this village knows that we are not to be mixed.

"Now don't worry. If he's in the same room then just leave. He can't follow you can he?" I looked at Mab and rolled my eyes. She was just so optimistic. I didn't want to spend the holidays with two rude, immature boys.

"I am going to be in living hell."

The End

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