Chapter I

Martin sighed. He had been sighing a lot lately. ‘Look, I’m starving, Natalie. Please can we go down? If I don’t eat something soon, I’ll turn into a little shriveled up thing that looks like a tomato that’s been gobbed up by Rufus and left in the sun.’
    ‘You don’t gob things up, do you Rufus-ey Wufus-ey?’ Natalie cooed. ‘Nasty old Martin! He didn’t mean it, angel cake-ey!’
    ‘Well, if we’re not going to go down, then at least can we go up? Then we’ll get home sooner and I might have half a chance of perhaps not becoming a gobbed up shriveled tomato.’
    Natalie scowled. ‘Beepbiddlyopendopenbodesherdootendarten!’
    ‘ Beepdidleytidelygottywhatty what?’ Martin exclaimed incredulously.
    ‘I dunno. But it’s a cool word, don’t you think?’
Martin shrugged. ‘I guess. Let’s get going.’
    It was tough. If you’ve ever climbed a mountain, you’ll know how tough. But it was just the kind of thing Natalie liked doing, and she always dragged Martin into her hare-brained schemes, so he was used to it. But this had to be the worst yet. Definitely.
    The dogs seemed to be enjoying themselves, though. Rosé seemed rather tired, but she still had some bounce in her, and was doing well for a dog of her age.
    ‘I’m here! I’ve made it!’ yelled Natalie, breaking Martin out from his thoughts. He squinted against the sun, and just made out a tiny red blob on the horizon, beside the trigonometry twig.
    ‘Great,’ huffed Martin. ‘I don’t suppose we can go back down now?’ But of course, she didn’t hear him.
    ‘Come on! It’s great! I can see for miles! Oof!’
The red blob disappeared for a moment as she was blown over by the wind, but she reappeared a moment later, yelling: ‘I’m OK!’
    ‘Come on, my pretty,’ said Martin to Rosé. ‘We’re nearly there. Then maybe that nutcase will let us go home again.’

The End

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