Chapter VII

Alinalia was the first to break the silence. “Earlier on while Natalie was still asleep, she spoke. What she said matches with what you just told me. I think you shared the dream.”
Martin looked at Natalie, who was now tossing and turning.
Then he realized the meaning of what Alinalia had just said.
“Natalie had the dream to?” He rasped.
“Yes. I believe she did. I have seen people like this before.” Alinalia sighed. “But never quite this bad.”
“Does it mean anything? That we had the same dream?”
“Yes it does. And I have reason to believe that was not a dream. That it was a vision.”
“What does it mean?”
“I don’t know.” She cried.
“I don’t know” She whispered.
Martin looked back at Natalie, she had a distant look in her eyes. Martin took a sharp intake of breath. She looked dead.

The End

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