Chapter VI

Martin awoke, and the gushing of the waterfall melted into a trickle of the little spring.  The scream still ringing in his ears, he threw himself out of bed and pulled on some clothes, then dashed out to Natalie’s hut. He knew that it had just been a dream, but he had to see her. He had to make it real. A crowd of people were gathered outside. Martin pushed his way through them to the entrance of the hut. Natalie lay on her bed, her face was deathly pale and glistening with sweat. The screaming had stopped but she was shaking uncontrollably. Alinalia knelt beside her holding Natalie’s hand. She looked right at him, not harsh enough to be a stare but it made him uncomfortable. Martin looked away, and his eyes fell on a horn bowl of water by the bed and to his dismay he saw that he himself looked pale.
“Martin,” it was a statement rather than a question. “Martin. Something is wrong. Tell me.”
He looked at her. “I had a dream.” his voice was shaking.
 “Natalie... Natalie... she...” Martin stopped. He did not want to say it.

Alinalia looked up sharply. “A dream? Tell me.” Her voice sounded stern yet frightened. “First tell me this: What on the Linolam ocean could have put your friend in such a bad state? I want to know everything.”
“Her name is Natalie. And I don’t know what happened.” Martin stated through gritted teeth.
“Alright. What happened in the dream?”
“Lots of things but.... Natalie died.” Martin gulped and let out a long shaky breath.
For a while nobody spoke. It was Alinalia who spoke first.
“How? I need to know.”
  Her voice was soft but she sounded shaken. Martin nodded.
“What happened in this dream? How did she die? Tell me.”
So Martin took a deep breath and began.

The End

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