Chapter V

 Natalie was wearing armour and was brandishing a dazzling sword in one hand, and a sparkling shield in the other. She stood outside the temple of the gods, which looked massive and ominous. Suddenly a dark shape reared up and bellowed before rushing out of the temple towards her. It was like a demon bear crossed with a buffalo, it was dressed in full armour, stood on its hind legs and carried in one fist a mace and in the other a shield. Natalie swung her sword and hit the creature hard, it bellowed again and grabbed her sword pulling it out of its shoulder. Tearing it in two, it threw the pieces away. Then it grabbed her shield and stamped on it, crushing it completely.  Now without sword and shield, Natalie was utterly defenseless. The demon brought down the mace onto Natalie. He lifted it again. It was now smeared with blood. Then he brought it down again and knocked Natalie off the side of the mountain and let the waterfall take her. A deafening, strangled scream whistled through the air and then cut off. The only sound was the angry gushing of the waterfall.

The End

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