Chapter IV

‘ROSÉ’ Shrieked Martin. Then it began to rain, and drops of water mixed with the sweat and tears on Martins face. ‘ROSÉ’.  Without thinking he ran forwards into the thing. Martin’s body began to tingle and he felt like he was falling down into nothingness. Something warm and furry brushed against him. Rosé! Martin was delighted.  He walked forwards and slowly the mist began to clear and he was able to see again. “Oh my” Martin gasped for he was standing on the top of a mountain, all around him was the most beautiful island had ever seen. There was a lovely little village full of thatched cottages with smoke coming out of the chimneys. There was the sound of people laughing and children playing by the waterfall. Martin turned around only to find that he was standing in front of a temple to the Gods.
    “Welcome” Breathed a voice “Welcome to my land.” Martin spun round and gasped and there standing in front of him was a beautiful lady, smiling at him. “Where... Natalie...Rufus...Am I?” Martin managed to stammer. “Natalie and Rufus are in that hut having some warm soup” She smiled and made a gesture with her arm (it was to elegant and gentle to be a point). “And you are in Brucmia. My land. If you are quick the soup may still be warm by the time you get there.” Martin walked towards the hut as if in a daze. “MARTIN, oh martin you’re safe, it’s lovely here isn’t it?” Natalie ran up and hugged him.
“Where is Rosé” Martin asked shakily “When the lady began to talk, I forgot all about her”
“Oh Rosé? She is just over there having something to eat with Rufus.”
“Oh Rosé. My darling old Rosé.
“Are you going to have some soup or aren’t you? come on it’s getting cold.

The End

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