‘Can we stop for a rest now?’ Martin puffed.
    ‘Not tired are we?’ Natalie teased.
    ‘Actually, I was thinking about Rosé,’ hedged Martin. ‘She’s getting a bit old for this type of thing.’
    ‘Sure she is. And it’s nothing to do with the fact that you’re tired. Fine, then - I’ll stay here with Rosé, and you can go ahead.’ Natalie smiled sweetly.
    ‘Oh, alright,’ sighed Martin, too tired to care. ‘I give in. I need a rest.’ He flopped down onto a rock and Natalie sat beside him.
    ‘Actually,’ Natalie admitted as she pulled out bananas, water and dogbowls from her rucksack. ‘I’m a bit tired as well. I only kept going because you were.’
    Martin snorted, and poured a bottle of water into the dogbowl. ‘Here, Rosé,’ he said, and the elderly Alsatian nosed her way to the water and lapped it up gratefully. Rufus, however, was having none of it. He liked sniffing the water, he liked knocking over the dogbowl and sitting in the water, he liked peeing in the bowl, but actually drinking the water? Oh no. Eventually Natalie gave up.
    ‘Stupid dog,’ she muttered. ‘Now you’ve got a wet bum.’
Martin laughed, and Natalie scowled at him.
    ‘Whose idea was it to climb this skanky mountain anyway?’ she muttered.
    ‘Um, Natalie? was your idea.’
Natalie stared at him. ‘It was not! I swear it was your idea!
    ‘Why would I want to do something like this? It’s just the kind of mental thing you’d come up with!’
    ‘Well, sor-ry! And it’s not a stupid idea!’
    ‘Dunno what it is, then.’ Martin checked his watch: 11:30. ‘Can we go down again now? It’s nearly lunch time.’
     ‘Oh, look, Martin - you can see the trigonometry point from here!’ exclaimed Natalie.
    ‘What? That tiny blob up there?’
    ‘Yes,’ said Natalie through gritted teeth.
    ‘Oh, great, I can see a tiny little twigelly thingymabob about 3 billion and a half miles away.  Joy. We’re nearly there.’
    ‘Lazy. We’re going to get to the top.’

The End

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