The Easiest One...Yeah Right

We finally got to my room. I hadn't been able to excape completely undetected and my arms were full of presents shoved at me from all sides. He caught sight of my face after the fifth person I didn't know threw a present at me and hadn't stopped laughing since. “You were always the gentleman. Always offering to help the woman with her bags," I said pointedly.

“Yep.” He said with a grin as I threw all the presents on the ground. I cringed as I heard something crack. He laughed again and I rolled my eyes as I  picked up my book pointedly. “To business?”

“Oh come on! You were never one for getting down to this sort of business when you were a kid.” He laughed and sat down on the bed. His eyes roamed and evaluated every aspect of my room. “Not as big as yours at your house but it’s still nice- I suppose. So, have you seen your sister lately? She just finished the book and the wedding's-”

I shot him a look and threw him the book. He sighed but got serious and stopped talking. I did not want him reminding me about that stupid...coincidence. “You’ve read everything you need to?”

I snorted, “I was five and had this memorized. I could read that book before anything else. I could recite the Five Laws of Elementism at age five. I-”

“So you’re ready?”

“Bring it.” I said confidently. I was probably a little too overconfident and the smirk may have been overdoing it a tad bit but I knew nothing would be too hard.

“Ok then, pick one.” He flipped through the pages while I thought, murmering here and there about a ‘changed rule’ or ‘Now that’s different’. I shot him a look, when had he ever not been updated on rules? He knew what I was thinking, of course. Fricken' mind-reading Testers. He lifted his eyebrows, "I haven't exactly had a reason to be reading this ever since a certain student decided to, hm, what words am I looking for? Oh, yeah: run away." That shut me up.

“Ok..." I said slowly, "I think I’ll take a shot at…. wind,” I picked what sounded like the easiest one. “Now what?” I waited, impatiently, for him to do something. I hadn't ever taken the Tests because I was too young when I, uhm, left the house.

I hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, because I was concentrating on Tristan, but if I had been paying attention to anything else I might have noticed that a portal had opened up behind me.

I did notice Tristan get up and move towards me, “What are you doing?” He smiled, just slightly apolegetic, and pushed me backwards.

I opened my eyes and looked around silently before screaming at the top of my lungs, “You’ve got to be KIDDING ME !!”

The End

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