Another Reminder

I heard Lee running up the stairs and slid the book in the bookshelf hoping to hide it. He opened the door quietly and saw me and the package but no gift. “Where’re the goods?” He looked so excited I couldn't brush him off like most people. That's the only reason I called him 'Uncle' Lee. It simply made him glow. He was related to me but his branch on the family tree may as well have been on a different planet than mine.

“It was just a book.” Truth.

“Did you want it?”

“Yeah.” Lie.

“Ae you surprised?”

“Yeah.” Half-truth.

“I told them!” He squealed and clapped his hands like a little girl. I'm not even kidding. He did the whole prancing thing, too. His smile broadened at my confused expression, “I called up your parents to remind them of your birthday. Said that you’d be ecstatic to get something.”

‘This is his fault?’ I thought as I looked at the innocent little kid smiling out from him. It sucked that I just couldn’t hate him. ‘Bother.’ “Thanks!” I tried to look happy for the guy, “I’m so glad I heard from them.” Actually, I had rather been hoping that they thought I dropped off the planet but he didnt need to know that.

Lee left the room smiling and I grabbed the book. Sitting down on my bed I rubbed the spine and stared at the title: Magic for the Beginner.

“Got to begin sometime.” I opened the book and read the introduction.

When becoming a wizard…

I flipped through the book and opened to a new page:

When studying as an elemental… ‘Better,’ I thought wryly. should set aside a good portion of your time away. Elementism, the practice of being an elemental, requires severe testing in order to determine your class. Each test differs from the next and some could take days to complete. After you complete, if you complete, each task your book will score how well you did and, after the completion of each test, will lead you to an Elemental who is eligible for an apprentice…

“Rubbish,” I murmered after a while as I closed the book. I heard people laughing and music playing in the background and groaned, “How long was I reading?” It hadn't been worthwhile anyways. I knew everything the introduction had gone on to say. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Just what my parents had always sounded like.

I looked through my closet and picked out a pair of jeans and a tee that'd probably make Lee gag.

“Let’s get this over with.” I said to myself as I headed downstairs.

I smiled and laughed and danced when the oppurtunity presented itself. Lee had gone all out on this one. I couldn’t help but think about the book, though. Grace had to trick me into it. My perfect older sister. If I hadn't opened the paper and felt the almost forgotten touch of magic I might've resisted.

Now, I was just waiting for him. He’d been there my whole stinking childhood through all of this and if he didn’t show up now… Then again, he'd just keep on reminding me of that place. He'd just remind me of every reason I left that horrible-

“If he didn’t show up what?” the all too familiar voice came from behind me and soon the body it belonged to swung me around and put my arms on his shoulders as a slow song began. I saw Lee wink at me from across the room and blushed unwillingly.

“Tristan, nice to see you again.” Tristan laughed at the contradicting tone I had when I said it. The tone would've fit the words, "I wish you'd go die," better.

“I still want to know what you would’ve done if I hadn’t come,” he teased and I felt like five again as he twirled me around. I just wish he’d get that new gleam out of his eye. The one that reminded me why he was here instead of anyone else. He just laughed as I pulled away a bit. “Have it your way. I was hoping we could start to open up a bit more but I guess I’ll just take a peek into your mind if I get really curious. Just like old times.” I stuck my tongue out at him resulting in another one of those heart-stopping grins of his.

“Shouldn’t we get to the reason you came?” He lifted his eyebrows suggestively and I amended my mistake. "Shouldn't we get to the book? The faster we get through this book the faster you can leave."

"Kyra, Kyra, Kyra." He sighed and shook his head at me as he danced me to the stairs.

The End

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