Evie, Oscar and Scarlett.

"BZZZZ", my phone vibrated on my bedside table. "Nuhhh" I murmured quietly, annoyed that I had been pulled out of my dreams. I looked over at the clock, "7:40am".  I thought I should probably get up at this point so I threw the covers onto the other side of my bed and pulled myself up. I went over to my chair, put my hooded dress on and went downstairs to breakfast. I walked into the kitchen and saw my mother, Francine, my two year old sister, Evie, my 17 year old brother, Oscar and my 7 year old sister, Scarlett. "Morning Petra, how did you sleep?" my mother asked me cheerily. "Oh, fine I suppose" I grumbled sleepily. "Petwa, had some brekkie" Evie said smiling and shoving some fruit bread in my direction. I walked over to the toaster and put a slice of fruit bread in. "I'm doing an audition thing after school so I might be a bit late back" I said to the table as I sat down with my bread. "OK, just give me a ring when you're on your way home then" Mum said. "K, I'm gonna go get ready" I said cramming the last bite of fruit toast in my mouth. I went back upstairs to my room, opened my wardrobe and pulled my school uniform out. It consisted of a white shirt, a black knee length skirt, a black blazer, black tights and black brouge shoes.  I had ironed my outfit last night so it was immaculate for the week ahead, I put it on and looked in the mirror, "Oh joy" I said under my breath, looking at the figure of frump in the mirror. I went over to me dressing table, brushed my hair and swept it back into two french plaits, one on either side of my head. I threw my phone and keys into my school bag and looked in the mirror one last time, "Well this is as good as it's gonna get", I thought, chuckling to myself as I walked out the front door.

The morning of lessons passed without any excitement. The bell rang for lunch, I picked up my bag and dragged myself to the lunch hall. I never liked lunch time, although I love food, the whole eating in front of people thing fills me with dread. I like to eat alone or with family. I went to the canteen and bought a chicken wrap and a bottle of sparkling water. "Ready for later" I heard a familiar voice from behind me, I looked round and my fear had been confirmed. It was Mark.

The End

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