Sapphire Eyes

The day went on in the same way it had begun. I spent most of it talking to Mark. We covered most of both our weeks in those few hours. I told him how my hamster, Hudson, had escaped from his cage and I'd had to set out a trail of sunflower seeds to catch him. He was telling me how he had managed to convince his drama class into doing a production of 'Romeo And Juliet' instead of 'Hamlet'. "You should totally audition Petra, you're very dramatic sometimes" He said jokingly. I thought about this for a minute, my first reaction was NO but then I did need something to take my mind off Alex and Felicity. "You know what, I think I just might" I said smiling triumphantly. "Wow, really?" Mark said dumbstruck. "Yeah, when's it all going on" I asked, a little disappointed he had so little faith in me. "Auditions are after school on Monday, in the art room" Mark answered. "Then I shall be there" I said.

It was getting late now, I looked at my phone "6:42pm", my curfew was 7:00pm, I should get home. "Wow guys, it got late fast, I best be making my way back" I said trying to sound disappointed. "Ill take you back, it's only 15 minutes off my route anyway" Mark said. Slightly surprised at this offer, I replied, "Oh that's nice of you, OK great. Bye then guys". The rest of the group turned and said goodbye to the two of us. Me and Mark walked to the bus stop and waited. "So what do you make of Felicity?" Mark asked, an undertone of worry in his voice. "She seems...nice" I replied trying to smile. "Don't be silly Pet, her and Alex were all over each other" Mark said annoyed. "Oh I know Mark, and I don't what I can do about it, I mean she's so pretty and funny and he's totally in love with her too" I said exploding and putting my head on Mark's shoulder. Mark hugged me just as the bus arrived. We climbed on and went upstairs. There was only one seat on the deck so naturally I gestured for Mark to sit down, he shook his head and told me to. After a minute in deadlock he sat down, "Ha, I am victorious" I said happily. But not for long, Mark grabbed me and sat me down on his lap, "Ha, now it's square" he said sticking his tongue out at me. What Mark had done was strange, we'd never been this close, lap sitting, hugging, this was almost couple behaviour. "No way was this going to continue" I thought to myself angrily. My stop was next, "My call" I said to Mark getting up off his lap. "OK then, Bon Voyage Petra, seeya Monday" he said waving. "Mm yeah, bye Mark" I replied not meeting his big Sapphire eyes.

The End

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