Aqua Eyes

The bus journey was unusually uneventful, there was usually a fight, maybe a couple of drunks, some teenagers playing loud music at the back. But not today. I got off at my usual stop and saw Alex in the distance, I started to walk towards him... But he was accompanied by an unfamiliar figure, I hadn't seen them before, a girl. I felt panic rush through me, "Who was she?!" I thought worriedly to myself. I reached them and smiled "Hey Alex" I said cheerily. "Hey Alice, this is Felicity" he said indicating the girl standing in our midst. She had a very pretty face, long golden hair, Aqua eyes and a very pale complexion. "How can somebody be so beautiful?" I thought to myself in angered awe of her. "Hey! I am, as Alex just told you, FELICITY" The girl said in a sparkling voice, shouting the last part. I noticed a slight accent but I couldn't even begin to place it. "Hello Felicity" I said in a slightly uneasy voice. Alex noticed my tone and quickly said "Yeah so Felicity just moved here from Sweden, surprising isn't it, she barely has a trace of an accent". "Yeaaah, so why have you moved into London, I mean, I thought Sweden was a good place to live?" I asked, trying to sound curious rather than interrogational. "Oh it's a beautiful place to live, it's just my parents want me to have an English education so that I can fulfill my ambition to become a professional lawyer". I smiled and nodded. "Wow, a layer, that's really cool, what made you want to become a lawyer" Alex asked her, his eyes alight with curiosity. I sighed as they became deep in conversation.

I looked up fifteen minutes later to see Millie, Ben, Mark, Aurora and Charlie all walking towards me. I jumped up off the bench I'd surrendered to previously and waved to them. I caught Mark's eye and we exchanged a small smile. When the five of them were within earshot Alex took it upon himself to do introductions, "Felicity, this is Millie, Aurora, Ben, Mark and Charlie" He said, gesturing to each person in turn. "Guys, this is Felicity, she's just moved down here from Sweden". They all smiled and said hello. After the pleasantries, Aurora and Ben continued what looked like the conversation they were having on their approach and Millie and Charlie joined in the debate Felicity and Alex were having about airports. I walked over to Mark, "Hey" I said smiling, "Well hellooo Petra, how are you doing this fine afternoon?" he asked hugging me. "I'm pretty good" I lied "A bit tired, I didn't sleep too well last night" I lied again. "How's Mark doing" I asked with a small smile playing around the corners of my mouth. "I'm good actually, I've done all the work for the holidays and I'm ready to party down on Saturday" He replied smiling, "Why didn't you sleep so well" he asked, he forehead creasing. "Oh just stuff on my mind, it's OK, nothing to worry about" I said trying to be dismissive.

The End

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