Brown eyes

A story about a girl who is deeply in love with one of her best friends, a boy called Alex, who is blissfully unaware of this.

I looked up to see familiar Chocolate colored eyes gazing down at me, it was Alex. I stood up and kissed him gently. I felt his arms curl tightly around my waist, I wrapped my own around his shoulders and pulled him closer, so our bodies were entwined. I kissed him again, more significantly this time, he pulled away slightly, but before I could say a word he hoisted me up and onto the kitchen surface and wrapped his arms around my waist even tighter than before.... Then I woke up ''Oh it's always a stupid dream isn't it!!' I thought angrily to myself. "He could never love me the way I loved him" I thought again. Alex was a year and a bit older than me. He had deep Brown eyes, short Black hair and was an inch or two taller than me. We had been friends since I was about about three and him four, although we've remained quite good friends, we haven't always seen eye to eye, we fought a bit over conflicting views on things like politics, religion, etc... But other than that we get along pretty well.

It was 9am, Tuesday morning, I would be seeing Alex later, just meeting up and hanging out for a while, amongst other friends.....Nothing special. I rolled myself out of bed and went to wash my hair. "Oh god, what the hell am I supposed to wear" I said to myself quietly while rinsing conditioner out of my hair. "Maybe that nice green dress...but is it too cold for that". I walked about arguing with myself until I finished washing my hair, threw the green dress on and walked out the door.

It was a bit cold for the Green dress after all. I pulled my cardigan closer around me and did the buttons up. The bus stop was quite cold today, it was usually OK, a little bit of shelter from the wind and rain, but today it was so rammed full of people I couldn't get underneath it. So I stood waiting for my bus for a full fifteen minutes before it finally pulled into the stop, and even then I had to shove my way onto it.

The End

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