First Day

My first day at my new school was very... interesting. There were many different types of people and many very steriotypical cliques. The most popular ones were the dramatic ones, jocks, and emos. The dramatic ones freaked out about everything. At lunched today, some girl through a temper tantrum fit because her straw fell on the ground. Apperently she brought it from home and didn't want to get another one because she didn't know where that had been. So she didn't drink anything. How rediculous. The emo kids didn't even eat lunch because apperently, their soul was so dull and had no need for food, where as the jocks just stole their lunch from everyone. But there was one group that was just...normal. Like me. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up but I think I might have a chance at this school. Considering all the phsyco people here, us normal people have to stick together.

I was right. I guess they could spot out my normalness or something, but I was adopted into their group almost instantly.

"Hi," said a petite red head with pearcing emerald eyes, and freckles, "Are you new?"

"Well considering you've never seen me before, why don't you take a guess at that one," I answered. She chuckled.

"Hi, I'm Alondra. You're sitting all alone, why don't you come sit with us?" I looked around me. She was right I was sitting alone.

"Sure," I replied smiling.

I walked over to a table with five people sitting around them reading their chemistry text books.

"By the way," she added quietly, "what's your name?'

"Laura," I answered.

"Everyone," Alondra announced, getting everyone's attention,"This is Laura, she's new here, and I was wondering if it's okay if she sits with us."

"Of course," a guy with smooth black hair insisted. Louder he said, "We always love new additions to our circle of friendship!" Obviously he was trying to get someones attention and hint at something. It wasn't hard to tell who he was talking to beacause I heard a blonde at another table.

"Ugh," she said, and shook her head slowly.

He stood up extending his arm. "Hi there, I'm Michael." He looked me in the eyes and when I touched his hand to shake it I was stunned. His eyes were so beautiful. They were a deep violet, lighter near the outside and darker in the middle. I was almost lost in them, and his hand was so warm, so firm. Relunctantly, I let go. He obviously had something cooking already considering his other hand was being suffocated by someone elses grasp.

Alondra pointed to everyone else in the table, each with their own welcome.

"This is Tamara, Leanne, Kate, Jeffery, and Michael as you have already met."

"Very nice to meet you all," I announced.

"So," pressed Tamara, "where did you come from, why are you here, tell us the juicy details."

I noticed that Tamara was the one hanging off of Michael, but I told them the story anyway. About how I had no life before, and how my parents divorced, and how I am now living with my grandparents.

"Don't worry," assured Kate, "We'll find you a boyfriend before you know it. Even though there are a lot of freaks at this school, there are the odd cool one believe it or not." She laughed and involuntarily my gaze shifted over to Michael for a fraction of a second. In my heart I knew I wanted him and only him, but I knew he was unnavailable. That would cost me a couple friendshps, and Tamara a relationship. I guess I would just have to trust Kate about finding me a boyfriend. It was better than nothing.

The End

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