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There are two men in the forest, Ceri. Both pretty scary lookin'. Ceriwyn thanked the elm as it moved aside for her. She had made quite the distance and the forest was kind enough to help hide her tracks, and make her trek easier. The sun was just coming over the east horizon, painting the sky a lovely orange.

Are they both still sleeping? Ceri was glad that she could talk to Cormac over such a distance. Being alone was rather... Well, lonely. 

No, they're packing up their camp. The forest doesn't seem to like them much.

She was trying to get to a sacred point in the land, where most magical folk gathered to bring offerings to a Mother Tree. They were scattered throughout the vast continent, but they were becoming more and more rare as time wore on. Ceri scratched the eight point star on her hand. Sometimes, it itched when the presence of magic got stronger, or nearer to her. 

A small whiz went past her ear. Smiling, she saw a small bulb of light float in front of her. 

"Hello," she said as nicely as she could. Faeries are easily offended and usually attack in swarms. Nasty business. 

The light fluttered closer to her. Ceri felt like she was going cross-eyed as the tylwyth teg changed color, from white to blue. 

Cormac, the faerie here must be somewhat confused as to why I'm near her home. What should I do? 

After a few moments of awkward silence, he replied, Try telling her the truth. That mostly works with anyone. Mostly.

Ceri rolled her eyes. Smart ass. She stepped back away from the faerie. 

"I'm seeking your Mother, for I am being hunted," Ceri had no idea if faeries could understand human speech. Her mother died before she could teach her more than material witchcraft, "If you could grant me passage, I would be forever indebted to you and your folk." The faerie changed colors again, only to a soft yellow. 

It must have been a signal to the other faeries, because as the one flew off, more than three dozen came from the bushes around Ceri. It was almost like walking on the stars. 

I think they like me. 

Do you know if any of them would be a nice snack? Ceri decided not to answer. She didn't quite yet know the eating habits of ravens, but she hoped that after her promise with the tylwyth teg, Cormac wouldn't eat any of them. 


The enormous elder tree seemed to house most every creature alive. Ceri saw animals from badgers to elk to snakes large enough to swallow her whole without a problem. The branches soared high, and covered most of the sky, but she could still see where the sun was from slight twinkling between the leaves. 

Ceri sat down where the faeries seemed to indicate, on a huge root that grew out of the ground. It was fairly comfortable, surprisingly. Cormac, what could you tell me about the men? 

They seem to be brothers, but they don't show much resemblance. The larger of the two is rather level headed, but the younger is quite like a fire. Ceri thought a moment on his words. 

Which one has wings or Death's hood?

The burlier one has terrifying feather tattoos, so I guess that would mean he has wings of a sort. 

"Then the other must be the executioner," she whispered to herself. A cold shiver went up her spine, realizing that these men could have a chance at getting her. She's always had a premonition to people hunting her, but not like this. Ceri touched the black marks on her face for reassurance.

Tell me when they're close to the Mother Tree, please. 

The End

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