Final words

A few days passed as they waited for Lucinda’s return until they saw the news flash on the TV.

“The notorious gang leader Lucinda Santches was arrested yesterday afternoon as she exited a well known apartment building where the young girl who disappeared about a week ago lived. The girl was later found in the apartment registered to two know felons who now can not be found. We now switch over to the young girl who had this to say earlier today. I don’t know how I made it out alive. I just hope they catch the guy who caused all this. I owe my life to my missing hero. He saved my life more than once as far as I’m concerned. I only hope I see him again so I can thank him in person.”


Switching off the news Jay turned to Leo sitting a few feet away from him. “Looks like they found her at long last. To bad you won’t be able to see her again ‘hero’. I’ll make sure you never see the light of day again.” Sirens blared outside as lights flashed and the silence, darkness and beauty of the farm was broken. “Go to hell.” Leo spat the words at him as the knife lunged closer and the door burst open. Upon Jay’s face was the sinister smile of a cold blooded killer as his knife clattered to the floor and he raised his hands.


“Get him out of here!”

“We need the medics!”

“Hold on for us Leo. Hold on.”


The light faded as Jay’s words clung to the chocking air. “I’ll see you in hell brother....”

The End

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