New friends

The night snuck by with only the occasional word spoken between the two of them until there came a sudden coded knock on the door. A lone shadow passed beneath her door before retuning with five new friends. Silver could hear their voices, though none sounded familiar to her ears. Only their words gave some clue as to who they where.

“So what are you guys doing way out here again?” A husky voice crept to her ears before Jay continued the conversation.

“What we usually come here to do.”

“Is it just you two or is that pretty young friend of yours hiding around here somewhere?” His expectant eyes searched the house for any sign of life.

“She’s still in California although it isn’t just us here, this time, either.”

“You brought someone with you?” His eyes widened at the anticipation Jay’s words created. A sly smile settling itself on his face as the others passed them on their way to the open living room.

“Our newest little diversion.”

“You going to keep her around?” His voice a sly undertone with just a touch of poison.

Shrugging off the question Jay quietly turned and walked away.

“We haven’t decided what to do about the situation yet.” Leo’s words were out before he could reconsider uttering them.

“Leo’s still as... never changes.”

The night passed slowly as they talked of bodies and blood, what they did and what they shall do while they drank their sweet nectar.

“Are we never going to meet this girl you brought way out here?” With a wave of his hand Jay bade Leo to stay put before he himself got up to fetch her.

“Sure I’ll just go and fetch her.”

“Why not just send him?”

“Am I not allowed to go myself?”

“Just wondering is all. Mind if I come along?” Though trying hard to keep his suspicions in check his voice betrayed him as soon as his mouth was opened.


Leaving the room Jay had a strange grin on his face as if he held a secret only he knew.

The lock gave way to the key and the door swung open to reveal Sidney sitting in the corner, her hands still tied.

Walking over to her Jay bent down and whispered in her ear that she was going to do him a little favour while his hands gripped her shoulders. The words stuck in her throat as a tiny shiver ran down her spine. “I have some friends outside...” he continued “...that would love to meet you, but be forewarned if you do anything to embarrass me I will kill you. Got that?” Three of Jay’s so called friends stood watching from the hallway as he quietly exchanged words with her.

“Got it.” Eyes large with fear she stood up with him and gave him her hands. As they left the room she felt her stomach tighten at the thought of what lay ahead for her. “Wow she’s a beauty.” Pushing her into the room Jay took the liberty of continuing the conversation. “Yeah a little on the stubborn side sometimes but the quiet makes up for it.” The room filled with laughter at his joke. “Come here so I can have a look at you.” Slowly she went over to the speaker. All were big guys none of them anyone to toy around with. Standing next to him she held her eyes low, not looking anywhere in particular. “Turn around.” Slowly she turned to find Jay smiling behind her as the idea dawned on her that he was punishing her for defying him that very first night, the guy behind her pulled her onto his lap. Stiffening under his touch she kept quiet, hoping for a way out as he made to kiss her.

“Your bottle looks empty Lew. How about another?” His attention immediately turned to Leo at the mention of more alcohol.

“Sure why not?”

“Of you go Sidney, make it a round for all.” With great relieve she got up and went out to fetch their drinks. Lew’s look spoke more words than could every be spoken in a single breath of air.

“She knows better than to run.” For the rest of the night she served them alcohol while they tormented her at every round. As she passed Lew again on her way to the kitchen he grabbed her arm and pulled her down. “Hey, why don’t you join us? Have some fun.” Her eyes caught sight of the needles on the table.

“No thank you.” Making to stand up again he placed his hand on her neck as he forced her down while she struggled under his strength. Bringing a shining needle closer to her arm he again told her to join their ritual. Struggling to get free she knocked the table over, while the gathered company sat watching her and Lew, just as the needle broke flesh. Outraged at what she had done he threw her into a nearby corner before he towered over her. Taking off his belt he folded it in his hands, lifting it high above his head as Leo sat watching only once uttering “Don’t do it man.” To their surprise the belt came down in a blur, Sidney screamed as the hit echoed in the room and he readied it again. “Don’t do it Lew.” No look granted acknowledgement as Leo got up and walked over to them as the second hit fell. Placing a restraining hand on his shoulder Leo tried to reason with him yet his outrage blinded him as he brushed his hand aside. Tapping him on the shoulder Leo waited for him to turn. He turned into a waiting fist knocking him unconscious. Reaching down Leo stole a look at his unconscious friend lying on the floor next to Sidney, she was crying now, covering her eyes as he took hold of her hand and hauled her up. Pulling her close to him he turned to the company of friends holding her hands in his while his arm rested on her shoulder. “Anyone have a problem with me taking her to the back?” No answer greeted his question, some smiled yet no one spoke.


Opening the door he stood aside so she could enter before he followed. “I’m sorry I didn’t do something sooner. I was compelled by Jay’s stare to leave it be.” He sighed thinking back to what felt to him like an eternity ago. “But when he started hitting you I couldn’t stay silent any longer. Not even Jay was happy about this.” Ignoring all that he said she went and sat down on the floor on the far side of the room gently touching the fresh bruises on her body. “Don’t fight him and he won’t hurt you.” Closing the door behind him he heard her whispering: How am I not supposed to fight him? Closing the door behind him he left with a heavy heart, a sigh lingering on in the silent atmosphere.

The End

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