Farm live

The sun was already sinking into the deepest darkness of the night as Jay got out and went in search of the fuse box leaving Leo to deal with Sidney and unload the car. Having found the box Jay turned back to the car to find that Leo had returned and was talking to Sidney again. With a shake of his head he turned towards the house to await them there. The house was not in the best condition and desperately needed a paint job as the paint was pealing in places. The porch was missing a few boards and the railing had gaps in it, the windows all stood open and the door only half swung on its hinges while the generator hummed in the background.


Struggling to get Sidney out of the car as the sun’s last rays of light disappeared, Leo reached in again trying not to scare her too much.

Scared of what might happen if she got out she hesitated a while as he stood waiting. “It’s ok I won’t hurt you. I know what I am doing.” Hearing those words again threw her back to the previous night with Jay as she scrambled away from him. Seeing that she had no intention of coming out Leo ducked in and took hold of her arm before he pulled her from the car. Struggling on behind him she tried to make him let go of her hand until he turned on his heels. “If you stop resisting me I won’t have to hurt you. And your scratching won’t make me let go of your arm. Now come on.” He turned and walked on, unhindered by her feeble struggles behind him, dragging her into the house.


She was placed in her assigned place by Leo before he decided to go into town for supplies. Jay however kept looking at Sidney with a weird smile lurking on his face. He didn’t even register when Leo said he was leaving. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“No reason.” Shifting under his gaze she whished he would leave.

Slowly he turned from her, before turning back again. He led her to her room at the back of the house. Wandering around the front room his thoughts whirled around in his head as he tried to make sense of it all. Walking, walking and still walking until he found himself in front of her door again. His hand touched the door knob and with a shaky hand he opened the door. Sitting next to her he looked deep into her eyes. “I’m back my love.”


Blood oozed from the cuts on her hands as his cold, metallic gun pressed hard against her ribs. She wanted to scream for him to leave her alone as her voice stuck in her throat, yet nothing came forth. Through his kisses he whispered to her as she wined to him to stop, struggling against his presence as he held her firm. She could feel his heart pounding against hers as uncontrollable sobs of fear escaped her, tears streaming down her face. “Look at me.” Slowly her eyes fluttered open as she stared at him through curtains of fear. “Please stop this.”

“Don’t start crying to me now, Baby.” Staring at her once again his grip finally relaxed. “I’m sorry if I hurt you I didn’t mean for you to get hurt.” His voice was soft as he spoke, not his normal arrogant self-assured self as she had come to expect from him. Seeing her like that caused old memories to spill into his mind. Pushing them away he slowly turned his eyes towards her again, her hazel eyes still wet with the tears as he held her in his arms. “I love you Lucinda, always have.”

“I... love you too.” She whispered as she closed her eyes to his darkness.

He placed his arms around her shivering body as he held her tight against the cold and fear. And as she drifted of to sleep in his arms he laid thinking about the last time he held Lucinda like that.




Footsteps echoed in the hall as Leo led Sidney to breakfast. It would be the first time that they would all be eating at the same time. As she made her way to the table Jay gave her his famous smile and she found herself hiding behind Leo. Frowning at her Leo pushed her out from behind him. “You will be sitting between us.”

 “Can’t I rather just sit next to you?”

“No. Now sit down, I’m starving.” Obediently she went and sat down reluctant to move much. Next to her the guys were enjoying their meal while she sat playing with her food.

“Eat up. We aren’t going to wait for you.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Suit yourself.” As Jay reached over for some more juice he leaned past her, his hand brushing against hers. She pulled her hand back so fast that Leo couldn’t take it anymore. His temper flaring for the first time that day.

“That’s it! How am I supposed to enjoy my meal if you keep jumping around?”

“Relax dude, why don’t I take her back and then you can finish your meal in peace?”

He looked on, sceptical at first, as Jay left with Sidney. She didn’t resist yet tensed when his hand rested on her back.


The day dwindled away as the soft breeze brought the calls of sparrows to the farm. “We need to talk.” Leo’s voice startled Jay, yet he refused to show it as he sat unmoving on the steps.

“What for?”

“Things are changing Jay.”

Jay gave in with a sigh. “You’re not going to let this go, are you?”

Leaning in the door Leo watched Jay closely for his reaction. “You’re going to kill her aren’t you?”

Continuing to stare at a lone car, Jay spoke at Leo again not wanting to speak to him. “It’s so perfect here isn’t it?”

“It’s desolate, that’s what it is.”

“Only adds to its beauty.” Wandering over Leo went and sat down next to Jay on the steps of the porch, still staring into the distance. “You still haven’t answered my question.”

“No I haven’t.” These words disturbed Leo deeply. Deeper than any confirmation. “Either way Lucinda will be just fine.”


“Drop it Leo.”

The End

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