The long road ahead

Returning well after midnight Leo was surprised to find that Sidney was still awake. Fetching the container he brought with him he unlocked the door as silently as he could. The click of the key in the lock and a gasp of genuine surprise... all before the rope hooked onto something sticking out off the wall. Struggling to unhook the rope she tried to calm herself as Leo, in her mind Jay, entered. Upon seeing her, his mind sprang to what might have triggered her behaviour. “I’m sorry... I’m sorry... I’m sorry...” was the only words she kept on softly repeating as he approached. Taking hold of her middle he felt her stiffen at his touch. “What for?”

“For disobeying you again.” Placing her on he floor Leo pulled her closer to him, cradling her in his arms. She finally felt safe, protected and at peace. After she calmed down Leo removed his jacket, draping it over her shoulders and took the container from the floor. “Thought you might be hungry.”

Sceptical of his actions she turned away, refusing to eat. “It’s ok I understand if you don’t want to trust me. I mean I am after all the guy you shot.” Lowering her eyes she softly spoke. “Does it still hurt?”

“A little but seems to be healing.”

“I really am sorry.”

“I know.” He took a bite of the cottage pie. “Sure you don’t want any? It’s really good.” Hesitantly she accepted the offered food, slowly warming up to him.


The sight of her sleeping so soundly gave him the necessary comfort to leave her with a promise: I won’t allow him to hurt you, ever.




Taking Leo’s jacket from her Jay led her to the car as the sun woke from its slumber. Tossing Leo his jacket over the car roof before he pushed her into the backseat. “You forgot this.”

He ducked into the front seat and slammed the door shut before starting the engine. Reluctantly Leo followed his example giving his jacket back to Sidney so she could lay down underneath it.

“You’re going soft again.” Jay noted.

“What harm is there in giving her my jacket. I’m not going to use it now anyway and if it keeps her quiet what can you complain about?”

“With you, there will surely be something.”

“You’re just sour because she’s not as scared of me.”

“Drop it.” His murderous stare was fixed on the road.
“Fine if you don’t want to talk we won’t” A short while later Leo too turned his back on Jay as he fell asleep against the window.


As Sidney woke from her sleep her voice came cautiously from the back. “You ok?”


“You look like you’re distracted, troubled even. Want to talk?”


“I just thought....”

“That was your first mistake. Never think that you know us or anything about us. You know nothing!”

“Sorry.” That said she felt it better to just keep quiet and keep to herself. When Leo awoke again he found them halfway to the farm. Seeing the way that Jay stared out at the road he knew to keep quiet though he felt the need to talk.

“What are we going to do about her?”

“I don’t know.”

“You brought her here. How can you not know what we are going to do?”

“I just don’t OK? Just leave me be and I will think of something later.”

“We need to know before we arrive.”

“You want to get rid of her so badly fine then we pull over right here and kill her.” The car swerved from the road. Sidney cried out and pleaded with them not to do it while Jay shouted at her to get out of the car, Leo shouting at him to think straight and her to keep quiet. Placing her on her knees next to the road Jay took out his gun and took aim. “Stop this! Put that thing away, and you be quiet.” Slowly Jay lowered his aim and went around to the car again and waiting for Leo and Sidney to get back into the car. “Come on, get up.” Helping her back into the car he leaned into the window on the driver’s side. “Get out.”


“Get out I am driving.”

“There is no way....”

“Jay, get out!” Jay finally gave in and got in the other side while Leo made ready to take on the last leg of the drive. Sidney was still shivering in the back seat the shock taking its toll on her body.

“You can count your lucky stars that you have him here to safe you.” Leo gritted his teeth until he could bear it no longer. “That is it you keep your mouth shut and sleep while you stop your crying and keep quiet!”

“But I...”

“Quiet!” His look in the mirror gave her the sense to rather do as he said. Jay, a smile on his face, drifted of to sleep as they drove on towards the farm. “We will keep you with us until we can think of something else. Just do what you have to and try to keep quiet.” Was Leo’s advice to her.

The End

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