Approaching dangers

From her given corner Sidney watched nervously as Jay paced around the room. First here than there seeming to consider something, deep within thought. Flopping down on the couch Jay turned up the volume of the news before calling out to Sidney. At the mere sound of his voice she froze, expecting the worst. “Come over here where I can keep an eye on you.” A pause followed as Jay waited for her to register before, with a sigh, he got up again and walked over to her. “Get up.” He sounded tired and strain showed in his voice as she slowly stood, leaning against the wall for support, before he took hold of her shoulder and guided her to the couch slowly exerted pressure on her shoulder.


“You’re hurting me.” She softly complained.

“Am I now?” Not having the courage to continue the conversation she kept quiet and to her surprise he eased the pressure as they neared the couch. “Sit down and be quiet.” Slowly she sank back down onto the floor a few feet away from him. “Not there, here by my feet.”

Smiling at her he took his beer again as he himself sank down on the couch. Hoping that Jay would not notice her to much Sidney pressed her body against the couch in an attempt not to be seen. Jay however did notice her and sat watching her as she tried to make herself comfortable. Soon after the news started and pulled Jay’s attention from Sidney though he decided to tell her of the previous day’s events while the other stories rolled by and he absentmindedly played his fingers through her hair.

“Why did you take me?” She ventured after a while.

“Uh-m lets just say you were right for our purposes.” The news flashed by before turning to the weather. Jay seemed not to care much for the weather as he got restless only minutes after it started. Reaching out he caresses her cheek only lightly as she pulled away from him. Smiling at her he touched her lips. Looking at him through fear-filled eyes she saw his gun on the side of the couch. Wondering what would happen if... her thoughts were interrupted as he leaned against her. From behind he took her hair from her neck and kissed her, she tried to pull away but his strong hands were steady on her shoulders. His hands left her shoulders and ran down her arms to where her hands lay in her lap. Leaning over her shoulder he placed her hands around his neck, his body against hers, his breath in her ears. Her hands slipped from his neck as he kissed her again. Refusing to look at him as he came and knelt by her side she kept her head low, avoiding eye contact. Slowly he lifted her head so their eyes met. “It’s ok I won’t hurt you.” Pulling her close to him, she whined a little yet didn’t refuse him. Smoothing back her hair with his hand his smile appeared as his eyes met hers. Her body tensed under his fingertips as she started to cry, the tears streaming down her cheeks. “Hush now it’s alright.” His tone, intended to sooth, however did not sooth her as he held her close to his chest. In fright she lashed out at him, scratching his face only just barely. Anger flashed in his eyes as he grasped her by the throat, forcing her to the floor. Determined to kill, Jay’s eyes suddenly widened in surprise; he knew the fear which he now saw in her eyes. Slowly he released his grip on her neck before straightening up again.

Struggling to regain her breath Sidney got to her feet. Coughing she stood watching him, the astonishment showing on his face, the face she had only moments before seen the most unimaginable hatred for any living thing. And she knew that that hatred had been aimed at her. “Never do that again.” His words escaped through clenched teeth. “You will behave whether voluntarily or by force.” Her words stuck in her throat as she nodded her head hoping the matter would then be settled. “Say it!”

“I... I... I’ll behave! I promise! Just let me go... please....” Sobs escaped from her throat as she struggled to reassure him. 

Rough in his manner he pushed her into an unlit room following close behind with a piece of rope over his shoulder.

“Please, no.... don’t....” tears broke in on her speech as she crawled back to the wall in the hope that he would see reason. “Give me your hands.” He commanded her as he cut the rope once more.

“Please don’t.” From nowhere his hand materialized, her sudden scream filled the room just as fright filled her body. “Give me your hands!” Still sobbing she reluctantly gave him her hands, winching as he pulled the rope tight. “Now if you keep quiet I won’t tape your mouth shut. But don’t test me.” And with that he left her crying in the dark, locking the door behind him.

The End

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