Feelings of danger

Dawn came in all its grey glory giving Sidney a sense of relive as she knew she had survived her first night. Coming in to wake Sidney, Jay cast his shadow over her, cut the rope binding her and led her from the room without ever speaking a word. Carrying her out of the apartment Jay hugged her to his chest, making his way out to the island of cars before placing her in the backseat. As she tried to sit up he quickly pushed her back down before whispering something to her. Their eyes met for a second only as both stared into the eyes of the other. Bending forward again he gently leaned in and kissed her. His kiss passionate, commanding, controlling yet loving and gentle. “He must be a wonderful man to love.” Sidney caught herself thinking just before the kiss ended and Jay disappeared back into the building.

 A few moments later he returned with Leo by his side. Supporting him as he helped Leo into the car before the engine sprang to life and they took to the road. The road was quiet with only a few cars dotting the road as they travelled. Seeing a traffic officer on the corner Sidney tried to draw his attention to her distress, yet instead drew Jay’s attention, who casually deviated from his planned route and took the turn to the town’s outskirts. Stopping a few meters from the turnoff onto the interstate Jay turned around in his seat, gun in hand. “I am very tempted to shoot you and drop your body in a ditch somewhere.”

“Stop it Jay, you’re only going to scare her again. What if she starts crying again?”

“I’ll stuff her into the trunk.”Her eyes grew wide as he waved his gun around as he spoke.

“Do you always have to act so rashly?”

“Do you always have to side with other people?”

“I’m not siding with anyone. I just wish you wouldn’t always react like this.”

The car fell back into a chocking silence as Jay drove off again. Leo fell asleep almost as soon as the car started moving while Jay kept his gun balanced on his knee.




Opening the door Leo finally stirred in his seat again. “Welcome back, I was starting to think you were dead.”

“Guess those meds were stronger that I thought. We there yet?”

“Guess they were.” Jay spoke softly as he smile sidelong at Sidney. The moon smiled at them form behind the building’s roof as Jay pulled Sidney from the car.


A little way off Leo stood swaying on his feet as they waited for the motel owner to return. “Go and sit in the car before you faint, will ya!”

“No, I’m fine; I just need to wake up.”

“Ok, here we are. I hope you don’t mind me asking but is this lovely young lady your sister?”

“Actually I do, mind your own business old timer.” Taking the key from him Jay turned and walked out to their room with his arm around her shoulders and Leo by his side. “Come on baby.”

“Odd couple. O well time to go to bed.” The welcoming lights of the motel went dark again as the flickering neon light doused their way in a sombre red-orange.


Crossing the threshold Leo jumped as his phone suddenly rang out in the silence, the peaceful silence of the night shattered to pieces finer than sand. “Leo here... yes I’m still coming. Of course I’m on my way as we speak.” With a perfectly timed one-handed catch Leo caught the keys, turned and left. “Yes Grandmother, I promise I won’t be late....” The car’s engine roared back to live and Leo sped away. Looking on as the car’s lights faded into the darkness Jay’s thoughts slowly turned to the news.

The End

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