Guns and promises

“I’m not the one with the problem!”

“You started all this by accusing me of not thinking things through!”

“Well sorry if I see the flaws in your plan!” As Leo finished his poisonous sentence Jay noticed her moving around from the corner of his eye. Ignoring Leo for a second only he shot Sidney a murderous look followed by another compelling command to stay still before continuing on. When after a while they had still not made any head way in who was to blame for their failures and missed fortune Jay decided it was time to call it a night. “Look....” he finally concluded, “...I’m tired. Can we pick this up another time?” Dazed and speechless Leo stood staring at him before Jay continued on. “Thanks, I’m going out for a drink see you when I see you.” He disappeared from the room before Leo could recover from the shock of being stopped in mid sentence.


Stroking his hand through his hair Leo calmed himself before he looked back at the girl and saw how scared and uncertain she was. The sight of her crying in the corner of the room made to break his heart. Walking over to the kitchen counter he placed his gun on the counter before returning to her side. At his approach she wept for fear of what he might do as she tried to disappear into the corner. Kneeling before her he spoke to her in as soft a voice as he could muster after al those years. “Now, now don’t cry. It’s going to be alright, I promise.” Keeping her face turned from him she kept on crying softly to herself as he took a seat beside her. With his back to the wall he talked to her for a while before they lapsed into silence once more and he closed his eyes to the harsh morning sun.

A few hours of silence passed before Leo got up and left the room. A sudden surge of excitement flooded her blood as she recognized a chance to escape their hold. Slipping into the hall she picked up the phone. The phone rang and the tone made her heart race as she waited for someone to answer, expecting to hear Leo coming down the hall at any moment.


“Mother?” Before she could utter another word the receiver was ripped from her grasp and smashed back down. “Come now, you should know better than to try something like that.” Leo softly sneered at her as he pulled her from the room. As she felt the cool copper doorknob under her fingertips Leo ripped her from it, enfolding her in his arms in an attempt to control her struggle. “I thought you had more brains than that. Knew not to try something like that.” As her eyes settled on his discarded gun the doorbell rang and Leo went to answer it still complaining about her actions.


Watching his retreating back she felt sorry for him. Having seen firsthand what he had to deal with everyday she felt like she wanted to comfort him, talk to him. Shacking herself from her daydream she heard the doorbell ring again as Leo slowly made his way to the door. A split second went by before she felt the heavy weight of the gun settling in her hands as Leo turned, slamming the door shut before his uninvited guests, and ran to her. The gun was shaky in her hands as she raised it and took aim. “NO!” A shot rang out through the apartment as the voices outside the door fell silent and Leo sank to his knees before her.


Curled up on the floor Leo gritted his teeth against the agonizing pain as the realisation struck him that he was the only thing keeping her from blowing the whole thing wide open. His thoughts raced through his head, a wife, a child and a bloody scene. “If she reaches that door, all will be lost, I can’t, allow something like this to stop me from doing my job.” Reaching the door Leo forced a smile onto his face as he subconsciously clutched his bleeding side. “You silly girl, I’m sorry that she wasted your time. The slightest provocation sometimes sets her off.”

“I am not crazy. Please you have to believe me.”

“Please, Kyla, stop wasting these nice peoples’ time.” The callers looked sceptically at his bleeding side before replaying with caution: “While I am sure you can explain all this. I do think it is best if you get that looked at.”

“Yes, of course let me just leave my brother a note and put that darn gun away.” Feeling the need to set their minds at ease and minimise the chance of the cops showing up he merrily explained his version of events before gently closing the door. Seeing the faint smile on his visitors’ faces he slowly closed the door before turning back to Sidney.

“You little brat! I have only been kind to you and you try to threaten everything I spent the last few years building up?” Ignoring the pain in his side Leo grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the bedroom, following close behind with a length of rope. “You should have known better.” He snarled at her while he quickly and effectively bound her hands before going with his unexpected callers to the hospital.

“If I was you, I’d keep a close eye on that girl. She seems to have a knack that can get you into trouble.”

“Tell me about it.” Leo replied absentmindedly as he left a note behind for Jay.


Gone to hospital, tell you all later.

Had to leave the package in the bedroom



When Jay got back that night he was surprised to find the note still taped to the front door. Upon entering he found a curiously cross Leo in the kitchen checking over his wound.

“What happened?” Jay asked puzzled.

“She tried to run.”

“And your injury?” His tone, revealing his amusement, made Leo’s blood boil.

“Lucky shot.”

“I told you. This happened because you were too soft again.”
“O, don’t start that again!”

“Fine I won’t.” Abruptly he turned and started for the bedroom.

“She made a call. Her parents I think.” Leo’s words stopped him in mid stride.

“So she thinks that she can just escape?”


With a nasty grin Jay stepped into the bedroom where the young girl sat awaiting her fate. Stepping over her frightened figure he went and knelt beside her allowing the light to dance on the sharpness of his blade as he played it on his hand, allowing the blood to flow. His eyes never left hers as he sat smiling at her while she struggled to contain her fear. Crawling further away from him her tears shone in the overhead light.

“Shh, shh, shh. Don’t cry now, I’m not going to hurt you. That is unless you decide to misbehave again. You’re going to behave right?” He whispered to her as he took her face in his blood covered hand, his sarcastic smile ever present. The tears streamed freely down her face as she felt his blood against her skin. With a shaky movement she nodded her agreement before he pulled her to her feet. They emerged from the room with Jay only slightly guiding her to the kitchen.


“What the hell is she doing out?” Leo’s anger was well deserved as he only looked up once to notice their entry.

“I get the feeling she has something to say to you. Don’t you honey?”

After a short pause Sidney apologized to Leo while she squirmed under Jay’s hand.

“For what?” Leo shot back aggressively.

Unsure of what was expected of her she looked back at Jay for some guidance. Seeing that he was paying no attention to her forced apology she felt the anger boiling in her blood again. “I’m only sorry I missed the heart. You two are the worst guys I have ever had the disadvantage to meet!” Before any other words could escape her she felt Jay’s hand sending her to the floor. Watching the scene unfold before him Leo turned in his chair as, to his amazement, Jay for once defended him. Never before had he defended him in such a way. Saying that everyman had to defend himself.


“You will apologize to him!”

“I....I.....I....I’m sorry ....I didn’t mean all those things. I’ll behave I promise.” She stammered, shaken with fear. His blood pulsing through his veins Jay tried to force his past from his mind, as he enquired further. A small boy cowering inside a closet, hiding from his father, promising himself never to fear again but rather invoke fear.

 “And I’m very sorry I shot your friend.” She stumbled over her words as she searched for what they wanted to hear, tearing Jay from his memories.

“Yeah whatever.” Leo dismissed the forced apology with an impatient wave of his hand.


After Jay led Sidney back to the bedroom he went to listen to Leo’s account of what happened while he was out. “Lucky for us you’re a good liar. Just as well or our plans might not have realized.”

“What plans?”

“To many questions are being asked and the cops are getting cocky. Best we split before this gets messy.”

“So we leave at dawn.”

The End

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