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"Clay, I've got good news! Where are you at?" Watching Jay's smile play on his face Clayton already knew it all to well. "You're leaving."

"Just give me a few days and you will be free, Clay." Jay didn't even hear his brothers sad rely much less had the sense to correct him. 

"You've been drinking again." Having waited most of the night for Jay to return Clayton was tired and fed up with his brother. The night's conversation still milling around in his head, making him want to flee from the situation. And yet he couldn't leave. 

"I had to go out and celebrate. Finally all my problems will disappear."

"You're drunk, Jay!"

"Stop nagging me. You're not our mother." That hid hard, throwing the entire house into silence as both brothers realized what he had said. 

Time ticked by as the two sat in the kitchen, both in their own little worlds. Jay was the first to break the silence.

"Perhaps we should keep her around for a little while longer. What do you think?"

"I think you should leave her alone. Jay."

"Ahh, come on Clay. I just want to have a little fun with her." Jay's eyes shown in the dim light of the lake house as he looked into the other room. Eyes shut tight Clayton rested his head against the wall. "Don;t you dare touch her."

"And what are you going to do, hey? Are you suddenly gona become her hero? Safe her from the monster that is your brother?" Clayton's eyes shot open at the remark. What was he thinking. "No!" All eyes shot to him. The two in the next room were also following the exchange. "No I am not going to be her hero. She has no hero." Patting Clayton on the back Jay made to exit the room extremely pleased with himself. 

From the kitchen Clayton sat listening to the conversation in the next room. "You're a cowered first going after my mother and now my sister. Why don't you try taking someone who can stand up against you?"

"Like who boy? You?" Curiosity getting the best of him Clayton made his way over to the door. Jay's face was right next to Alex's by now, who was trying his best to keep some distance between them. I don't blame you. He is rather frightening when he is drunk. 

"It seems we have a hero here tonight after all. Any last words?"

"Get out of my face." Judging by Alex's face Jay's breath was beyond foul as he spoke. Turning to get out of there while he still had the chance Clayton was stopped in his tracks as Erica yelled for her brother. His world went silent as he turned to find Alex and his brother wrestling on the floor. On a normal day he knew Alex would not stand a chance but Jay was sluggish now. Drunk. And violent. Taking a step forward he blocking out most of Erica's screams and sobs of protest stopped only by Jay's voice, who had seen his approaching. "Leave it Clayton. I can handle this on my own." Uncertainty grabbed a hold of him as he stood watching the two men. He knew deep down that Jay would not be able to handle Alex while he was drunk and yet he couldn't get himself to go and help him.


The so called fight didn't last long. Alex quickly got the upper hand having worked his way out of his restraints plotting and planning every minute that he had spent with them. Taking a step back from the body Alex stood staring down at a motionless Jay. "I am sorry Clayton. I know he meant a lot to you but there was nothing else to do. You understand right? I had to protect my sister and my family." Clayton sank wordlessly to his knees beside his brother. Even though he had seen it happen he still couldn't grasp the fact that now he was alone. Erica stood watching him from the doorway as he sat by his brother's corpse. "I am sorry brother. I am so very sorry, but... I do not think that I will be able to avenge our blood." Gently fingering the guns trigger he looked up into Erica's sad eyes still watching him from the doorway before she two disappeared into the night. "I am so sorry..."

The End

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