Shady meetings

In the far corner of a shabby little coffee-shop Jay sat waiting for his contact. The door darkened as three guys made their way to his table. Waitresses scurried from their approaching shadows as their eyes grew wide. Three ominous shadows dominated Jay's view as he looked up from his coffee cup. "I see you decided on extra company." 

"You said you had something that might interest me."

"Two siblings. A brother and a sister in need of lodging." A sly smile crossed Jay's lips as he saw the spark of interest in the other's eyes. "You interested now?"


"Usable." Jay knew full well what he was planning on putting those two through as the conversation continued. Years of torture and pain with only a tiny hope of survival. 

"In three days time 'll come fetch them."

"They'll be waiting up at the old lake house."

Getting ready to leave one of the man's companions suddenly turned to Jay. Suspicion clear on his face.

"Why no payment? You selling us out to the cops?" Silence ensued for a few minutes as Jay just shrugged his shoulders. "Don't have time to wait." Brushing past the those imposing shadows Jay left the coffee-shop with, form once, a clear head and a clam heart. 

The End

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